The Cold Equations

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  • Fate And Free Will : The Cold Equations

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    path. In Tom Godwin’s “The Cold Equations” this idea is explored when a girl named Marilyn Cross stowaways on a ship. Once she is discovered, Marilyn learns that the ship she has chosen to hide out on has limited fuel and can only take a single person. This person must be the ship’s captain, Barton, who must deliver serum to a sick colony on a nearby planet and also return hom. No matter how hard either of them try, it seems the inevitable is only delayed. The cold equations that run the ship’s maintenance

  • Life Is Not Fair In The Cold Equations, By Tom Godwin

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    words from Dr. Steve Maraboli include, “The only thing that makes life unfair is the delusion that life should be fair.” Humans are deluded or misled that life will be easy, but that is not the case. Logically, this connects to the short story The Cold Equations written by Tom Godwin because the main character Marilyn Cross is required to make a hard decision relating to life being staggeringly unfair, which ends in an inequitable, extreme outcome. Marilyn makes a choice early in the story that results

  • Writing Themes In The Cold Equations By Tom Godwin

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    There are countless stories that one can read and forget about the next day, however this is not one. The Cold Equations by Tom Godwin is such a moving story with so many incorporated themes that leave an impacting message in the reader's life. I really enjoyed the writing style of Tom Godwin. He starts with a phrase that gets the reader's attention immediately and gets us wondering why him not being alone is such a big deal. After this he gives us the answer and some background information about

  • Disobedience Of Legality In The Cold Equations By Tom Godwin

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    In the short story “ The Cold Equations” Tom Godwin proves the central thematic tensions by one’s disobedience of legality,can and will affect, one’s aspect of morality. In the short story “The Cold equation” the setting takes place in a control room for these airplanes and space ships. Where later on the story introduces a EDS pilot who flies airplanes who later finds a young little girl who is a stowaway because of an accident that happened. Where the story explains how this EDS pilot meets

  • ##quality In Tom Godwin's The Cold Equations By Tom Godwin

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    with gripping stories. Godwin’s short story takes place where tough decisions had to be made, and they don’t always have to be good ones either. In the short story “The Cold Equations” by Tom Godwin the central theme has to do with sacrifice and it is being shown through irony and foreshadowing. The main theme of “The Cold Equations” is based on sacrifice. It is shown when Marilyn had to die to save other lives. “ You’re going to make me die and I didn’t do a nothing to die for – I didn’t do anything

  • Summary Of ' The Cold Equations '

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    Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, characters discover the true background behind those who are outcasts in society. Likewise, in Lost in the Barrens by Farley Mowat, characters ascertain that their long-term enemies were truly innocent. In “The Cold Equations” by Tom Godwin, the pilot of the Emergency Dispatch Ship, Barton, unearths the horror of the stowaway as he discovers her motives. In “Where Have You Gone, Charming Billy?” by Tim O’Brien, Paul Berlin changes his viewpoint of another character

  • Decisions In A & P, And Cold Equation

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    decisions that affect their lives and other people’s lives. On the other hand, each of these characters makes a choice but has no recognition of how the decision is to change their future. In the short stories “Popular Mechanics,” “A&P,” and “Cold Equations” the characters have to make difficult decisions concerning what they value most in life, and these decisions affect them for the rest of their lives. In the narrative “Popular Mechanics” the decisions that the unnamed characters make effects

  • The Cold Equations By Tom Godwin

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    selected the short story “The Cold Equations” by Tom Godwin as a basis for our play. This play is about a girl named Marilyn who was ejected from the Stardust aircraft. Our group selected this play so we could create an exciting, interesting, and a suspenseful alternative ending. We titled our alternative ending The Slightly Warmer Equation because of the happy and light storyline that our play has in comparison to the dark and dreadful storyline of “The Cold Equations.” The reason we did this was

  • The Cold Equation By Tom Godwin Summary

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    In the short story, “The Cold Equation” by Tom Godwin, the author provides the details needed to infer that a man is working against his own emotions and lack of power, in order to help an innocent young girl; in the end, after the man makes a little gesture of care, the girl dies for what she knew wasn’t what everyone wanted, but needed to happen. In the beginning of this short story, the man in the EDS ship had recognized the white hand on the gauge moving, due to the temperature rise. Next,

  • Fahrenheit 451 And Cold Equations By Ray Bradbury

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    by Ray Bradbury and “Cold Equations” by Tom Godwin they both relate to our society now in their own ways with how people convey the way they feel. But there is an imbalance in the way the society feels and acts upon others. While some differences in these two books are prominent, the similarities are astonishing. In the books it is apparent that the citizens in F451 are dehumanized, or deprived of positive human qualities and show a major lack of emotion. In Cold Equations we capture the true feelings