The Dick Van Dyke Show

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  • Mary Tyler Moore Essay

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    memorable series. When the show first tested among viewers though, it received the worst ratings in CBS history. The network decided to try the show out anyway. With a combination of a great cast, including Cloris Leachman, Edward Asner, Valerie Harper, Ted Knight and Gavin MacLeod, and a great group of writers, the show finally made it. Over it's seven year run, "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" received 29 well deserved Emmy awards, which is more than any other show ever. Among these awards

  • Media Portrayal Of Women 's Roles And Responsibilities Essay

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    follow in their footsteps. A strong desire to emulate talented individuals, in action and dress, has shaped strong beauty and role diversification in a short period of time. With the influx of women cast in ‘moving’ pictures and (later) television shows, the construction of inaccurate ideas concerning an “ideal” woman’s looks and responsibilities has emerged. Yet, women and young girls continue trying to emulate the roles and images they see on TV. American culture is saturated with messages in mass

  • Tuesday Night Persuasive

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    Tuesday night isn’t your typical TV night. If you are looking for a little entertainment and a lot of military presence, you might want to join Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” as he honors the troops in “Rock the Troops” on SPike TV. THen again, if you are looking to keep up with Agent Gibbs’ team on “NCIS,” CBS is your channel (and check out my review later tonight.) It doesn’t stop there either. The guest stars on tonight’s episodes are awesome. Guess we all will need to program the DVR to catch all

  • Mary Poppins Movie On The 60's

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    There have been many great films made between 1940 -1960 these films have developed new filming technology and editing styles. These films have also contributed to the wonderful of cinema to help give people a feel going environment to hang with families, friends, and more across the globe. As I search through film of this early film era the movie that was most appealing to me was “Mary Poppins” made in on the 60’s. This was a movie that I had always wanted to see but never had access to film but

  • Starbuck Monologue

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    I'm sinking in laughing at something sunken in I am Sucking dick for drink tickets At the free bar at my cousin's Bat Mitzvah Cutting the punchline and it ain't no joke Devoid of all hope circus mirrors and pot smoke Picking fights on

  • Northwestern Observation Report

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    We can thank the liberal media for my interest in Northwestern University. I come from a conservative Catholic family, and when I was young, I was not allowed to watch most modern movies or t.v. shows. (I can, however, quote lines from Leave it to Beaver, The Dick Van Dyke Show and Andy Griffith, which I think gives me quite a leg up on my peers.) One of the few post 1965 movies my parents allowed me to watch was College Road Trip (arguably the best Disney Channel Original Movie ever to air) in

  • I Love Lucy Research Paper

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    I love Lucy, The Best Show of All Time I had an interesting conversation about television, with my beloved grandmother Shirley this weekend. I was curious to know how the enjoyment of television has changed over the years. I wanted to know how she remembered watching television as a child , what programs she watched, who watched the program with her, and what the most memorable show she watched was. “There are those certain things in life that you just can't seem to ever forget, and they will be

  • Essay On I Love Lucy

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    Desilu’s iconic show “I Love Lucy” did not only break the industry norm for television broadcasting but pushed the envelope for social issues during its time but also open the door for other shows that seemed risky. America was in the post-war era and looked towards the television to stay informed and connected. Television sets were quickly entering homes which became what the radio was in 1920’s. It became a prominent product during the decade of the 50’s, for instance, 3 million TV owners and by

  • Mass Media And Gender In The 1950s

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    Her boss was “Lou Grant” who served as the patriarch of the show. Another female on the show was “Phyllis”, a homemaker and mother who worked for her husband. This show was a hybrid of the classic patriarchal dominated family structure but still contained elements of stereotypical gender roles and norms. Another example of this hybrid show was Cagney and Lacey. This show features two women as police detectives. The women reported to male in the role of chief. One

  • Pathos Logos

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    text use Pathos, emotions, to convince their audience. By using personal stories and imagery, the authors are able to trigger the emotions of the reader, making the readers more susceptible to their message. In “Let America Be America Again”, Hughes shows glimpses into the depressing lives of minorities to connect with the reader’s emotions. Though he fabricates descriptions of other people’s lives, he uses personal pronoun “I” to provide a more intimate picture of the people he describes. Hughes writes