The Fairy with Turquoise Hair

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  • The Winx Club

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    [[Stone of Memories|Stones of Memories]] to travel back to [[Italy|Medieval Italy]], where a very special animal species called [[Quillcat]] used to live. ==Plot== ''Coming Soon...'' ==Major Events== *The Winx travel back in time to save another fairy animal, the [[Quillcat]]. *The Winx find out that magic was forbidden in the middle ages. *The Quillcat was wanted as it used its magical abilities to protect itself from predators and humans. ''More Coming Soon...'' ==Debuts== *[[Orlando]] *[[Critty]]

  • Funicello Descriptive Writing

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    eyes. Mrs. Funicello wears a white dress with a plunging neckline, a strange shadow, rests on her hand as her accessory.Her hair is pulled back in a half up, half down style with the bottom curled, hairs fall out of place in the front of her face taking apart her put together look. To her left lays a picture of James Dean, with eyes covered with white take to cover his

  • Pinocchio Essay

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    will constantly need allies. Indeed, after leaving the puppet show, and after the meeting with the Cat and the Fox, Pinocchio will encounter his bigger helper: the Fairy with turquoise hair. Joseph Campbell describes the meeting with the supernatural aid as essential for the success of the hero (57). Indeed, throughout the story, the Fairy, who behaves as the proper helper, will always save Pinocchio when he is in the most deplorable and hopeless conditions, and she will always look after the wooden

  • Real Life Fairy Tale

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    bother reading these childish fairytales to me? I will never and I mean “never” be able to accept your absurd belief in these stories!” Maya marked while painting her perfectly manicured nails a shade of dark blue. “I mean do you really think that a fairy tale view of romance can survive in the real world? Do you really actually believe that prince charming will come and a wicked old hag will cause trouble in paradise? Love... Marriage….all this stuff is overrated... we should not take it so seriously

  • Short Story : ' El I '

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    in her flawless skin. I run into my mistress’ room carrying the large tray of nail polish. The tray consists of different colours like red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, peach, hot pink, scarlet, aqua, grey, and brown, indigo, violet, coral, turquoise, lime green, magenta, plum, maroon, sky blue, and lavender. So, basically different variations of the main colours. Anyway, I run in with the tray and I see Snow White turned towards the door, her perfect skin

  • The Forever Summer Short Story

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    The Forever Summer Fire foxtrots and waltzes with wind to a melody only they can hear. I sit on the worn living room rug and stare into the dancing crimson tendrils inside our fireplace, imagining their song. Their crackle and hiss. Well, I assume it’s a crackle and hiss, but I’ve only ever heard magic fire in the Forever Summer. In the flames sits Grandma perched on my bed, regaling my young self with lore of the magic land. Her soft and wrinkled hands move in complex and deliberate movements

  • Descriptive Essay

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    The sun sparkled in like a kaleidoscope of light, spinning, hazy. The grass was warm underneath my bare feet, tickling up between my toes. The breeze tossed my bleach blonde curls around, keeping the temperature at a perfect degree. It had to had been mid-seventies with a slight humidity, the kind of weather that draws a person outside to bask in the sun, to frolic in the breeze, to enjoy the nature in front of them. The sun hid behind a perfectly cloud scattered sky. The plump objects transformed

  • Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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    “Bye mom I have to go to school and I’ll be back for a little while, but I won’t be back tonight because I have a party.” That’s what I said when I was excited for this party. But how do you think I feel now? Dead. I am dead. It also wasn 't no accident. I do remember my killer, but I do know that she was at the party that night. Maybe you can guess and figure out why. The day started out like normal. Waking up in my bedroom to my brothers nocking on the door. My mom yelling at them, saying stop

  • Descriptive Essay Beach

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    Factual/Beach Clamouring out of the car after a ten hour drive you still manage to feel refreshed by your idyllic surroundings. You are greeted by the birds’ soft singing, the lulling of the wind whistling through the majestic tree branches and the placid murmuring of the flowing rivers. The sense of euphoria that comes from escaping the dense city smog arrests you. You are in Putsborough, the serene hamlet, located in North Devon. What welcomes you here is a three mile stretch of award winning scintillating

  • Essay About The Book Chapter 1

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    that happen.” “Not on purpose.” She hated to admit it. “You mind me rearranging this?” His fingers were already plucking at her hair. Who could say no to this man? Man, not a boy. “Nope. Go ahead.” He got busy. First, he slipped off her hair tie. Then he gently undid the french braid. She almost laughed at his expression, tongue caught between his teeth. As her hair came free, he let each strand trail through his fingers as if it were the eighth wonder of the world. The intimacy tugged at her