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  • Lady Germanotta

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    In a world of auto-tuned music with processed lyrics and a general lack of individuality, outstanding talent is laborious to come by. However, this is not the case with Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta; most commonly known under the name Lady Gaga. Raised in a Catholic household with roots based in family, she was brought up with traditional conservative views. However, growing up in Manhattan, New York, Gaga was consistently surrounded by all forms of art. Since the young age of thirteen, Stefani

  • Lady Gag Just Dance

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    music, and taking risk no other pop star at the time would take. As Lady Gaga keeps growing into her career, she has already accomplished so much in a time span of 8 years now, that it seems that nothing can slow her down. With her first album, The Fame, selling 28 million records alone worldwide, and her third album, Born This Way, selling 1.2 million records in just one week. It’s hard to say there isn’t anything she can’t sell. She has garnered 6 Grammys over the years and over 380 awards for her

  • Lady Gaga Is Known For Making Pop Music

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    In 2008, Gaga had a become a pop-music sensation when she released her first single “Just Dance” from her The Fame album. The album went platinum, demonstrating the instant success Gaga received. Her rise to fame is accurately described in “Memory, Monsters, and Lady Gaga” by Victor P. Corona. He notes that Gaga has become the “first recording artist in history to have at least four number one hits from a debut

  • Lady Gaga Research Paper

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    Richard Gray Public Speaking Informative Speech Good evening. I’m here today to talk about Now how many of you have heard of Lady Gaga has become the most influential Pop music artist of our time. An artist's job is to take an image, be it through words or sound, lyrics or song; that explains what it's like to be alive at that time. What makes Lady Gaga's art so unique is that it captures the period we're in right now. Lady Gaga has in the last year and a half become a household name. Maybe

  • The Talk Of The Tour Golf Podcast Research Paper

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    Talk of the Tour Golf Podcast is a weekly aired podcast that elaborates on what is happening all around the world in golf, but specifically what is happening on the PGA tour. Every Wednesday the talk show hosts the past weeks winner on the PGA tour and asks them questions to understand their road to glory and victory. The commentator is usually John Swantek, but he started his Thanksgiving early, so it will be Sean Martin asking the winner questions. These podcasts by the Talk of the Tour are intended

  • Spice Girls Research Paper

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    concert promoters and agents to get the ball rolling. John Giddings, organizer of the revived Isle of Wight Festival, is among the promoters on the short list to put together a potential Spice Girls 20th anniversary tour. "For a long time they put off the idea of working any projects without her because they wanted to stay as a five-piece, but with the 20th anniversary coming up they realized it was a case of now or never." The Spice Girls

  • Lady Gaga case study

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    9-512-016 REV: OCTOBER 15, 2011 ANITA ELBERSE MICHAEL CHRISTENSEN Lady Gaga (A) “Let’s get everyone in a room to discuss what to do,” said Troy Carter, manager of up-and-coming pop star Lady Gaga, to his assistant as he walked into his Santa Monica office. It was September 2009, a week after the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) ceremony that had seen Gaga win a coveted Best New Artist award and that had featured a spectacular performance of her hit song Paparazzi—ending with the singer-songwriter

  • Golf History

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    The PGA was founded in 1916 and is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The PGA has both men and women members. “The PGA Hall of Fame was established in Lake Park, Fla., in 1940. Ten years later a Ladies Golf Hall of Fame was formed... Zaharias was the first woman named to all four halls of fame. Several states have halls of fame to honor their native golfers. The Golf House is a library and museum of golf, which was opened in 1951 at the USGA 's headquarters in New York City

  • Orpheum Theater Research Paper

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    contribution you make, including membership fees, is tax deductible due to their charitable status. A visit to The Blues Hall of Fame is educational and entertaining. You’ll learn about the history of blues while experiencing audio and visual exhibitions. National Civil Rights Museum The National Civil Rights Museum is a great stop to make, but plan for at least two hours for the tour, since there’s a lot of history to go through. While this is an important educational stop, the topics covered are often

  • William Sisters, Venus And Serena Williams: The Sport Of Tennis

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    today tennis has become a more aggressive sport. It is very different from when the players use to ding the ball back and forth across the net. Today tennis is played with a lot more force and it has become a more engaging sport from the sport it used to be just a century ago. The William Sisters, Venus and Serena Williams, have had a huge impact on the game of tennis. When they peaked to fame it changed the way everyone saw the game of tennis. Serena and Venus were raised in Compton, California