The Foreigner

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  • The Foreigner By Larry Shue

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    The Foreigner Recently, the performers at Rollins College put on the two-act comedy The Foreigner by Larry Shue, directed by Thomas Ouellette. This brilliantly crafted show touches on themes of racism, prejudice, and religious corruption in the American south during the 1900’s. Along with the well crafted storyline, every theatrical element seemed to blend together perfectly to create a strong harmony throughout the show. It is no wonder that “the comedy by Larry Shue became a staple at regional

  • The Negative Connotation Of Migration From A Biblical Perspective

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    “People think about migration from a security perspective, political perspective, and economic perspective but as believers, it is important to also think about migration from a Biblical perspective.” This quote really sets the tone for the rest of the video. The media overloads society with negative thoughts and ideas. A typical worldview sees immigrants as intruders and have a tendency to think they are overpopulating America. If we are not careful, this type of thinking can bleed into our Biblical

  • Deportation In The United States

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    issues in the world that go unnoticed by people if it does not pertain to them, and deportation is one of those issues. Deportation is the act of throwing a foreigner out of the country regardless if they are a resident or an intruder. Someone who is in a country they were not born is considered a foreigner and in the United States some foreigners have to deal with this unforgiving decision by the country they are deported from. Deportation commonly happens to parents who have young children and oftenly

  • The Iron Giant : Proving America Wrong

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    hardships a foreigner must face before gaining acceptance in America. The Iron Giant overcomes the judgements made based on his appearance by showing that he is a normal person on the inside. Every person who encounters the Iron Giant initially fears him. These people do not fear him based off of his actions, but they fear him based off of his looks. Due to the stereotypical judgements that Americans make, the Iron Giant must prove his normalcy through action. This is a problem that foreigners face every

  • The Jacques Derrida

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    Jacques Derrida created controversy and theories that have influenced philosophy, literature, linguistics, anthropology and a number of other fields. The scope of his work is so large that some argue it unreasonable to accept his word as legitimate in0 certain fields. In Of Hospitality, Derrida describes and brings to the forefront one of the primary issues of cosmopolitan ethics; what is the appropriate approach to extending and receiving hospitality and what are the implications of such action

  • Analysis Of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

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    once said, “A foreigner is a friend I have yet to meet.” Unfortunately, this is not how the local villagers see the angel, a harmless old man, who has crashed onto the courtyard of Pelayo and Elisenda’s home. Upon the angel’s arrival, he is met with suspicion, fear, and cruelty by the villagers. Yet, many would argue that this is no way to treat a foreigner who has wandered into a person’s community and would never do such a thing to a distant traveler. However, this is how most foreigners are treated

  • Land Immigrations And Aliens : The Mahele Of 1848

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    encountered the foreigners, he found that they were in great desire to possess their own land for the sake of themselves becoming wealthy, but still reluctantly put this fact to the side, because the Hawaiians were very caring and generous people. However, once the foreigners had gotten the land that they wanted to grow the sugarcane on, they were exploiting the Hawaiians since they knew little to nothing about real estate because of their belief system. Sure enough, the foreigners were acquiring

  • Speech About Xenophobia

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    newspapers, we have even heard it being spoken about around the dinner table. But do we know what xenophobia truly is? In simple terms xenophobia can be described as a fear or dislike towards people who are different to the common norm, particularly foreigners or people of a different race or religion. Many organisations have joined the cause against xenophobia, including PASSOP – people against suffering, oppression and poverty. This particular organisation is the one in which I work for. Xenophobia

  • Powers of Horror by Julia Kristeva, Questions and Answers

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    Indeed, Julia Kristeva being in exile from her native Bulgaria is a foreigner in an unascertained land. Being an outcast influence’s her philosophical, political and sociological extended essay Strangers to Ourselves published in 1991. The book addresses a problem that Kristeva has experienced first-hand: the struggle of being a foreigner in Western culture and the difficulties that people and nations have with treating foreigners residing in their motherland. Jealousy drives our nationalist temperaments

  • The Nation Hates To Be Late

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    This News and photo are both published by BBC, a British Broadcast Company, which means this article is exploring Swiss’ punctuality from a foreign perspective. In “The nation hates to be late,” the writer, Eric Weiner first talks about Swiss famous for punctuality and neatness and exemplifies the two ideas. Then he describes the punctuality in Swiss as a double-edged sword. Punctuality, on the one side, makes people feel respected and dependable. On the other side, highly expectation causes disappointment