The Ghost Road

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  • Sex and Dominance in The Ghost Road Essay

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    Sex and Dominance in  The Ghost Road         Pat Barker's The Ghost Road is a masterful literary integration of sex and war.  The novel's protagonist, the lascivious, bisexual Billy Prior once remarks:  "Whole bloody western front's a wanker's paradise," a statement with far-reaching implications concerning aggression and eroticism (Barker 177).  The novel concludes a successful trilogy, beginning with Regeneration (1991) and The Eye in the Door (1993).  Winner of the prestigious Booker Prize

  • Examine and compare the ways in which Pat Barker in Regeneration and

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    inevitable keeps the soldiers awake as the "night is silent" and this is worse than the noise of activity. All these soldiers have to do is wait and wonder "what are we doing here?" "But nothing happens." In the sixth stanza Owen refers to the "ghosts drag home" almost suggesting that the soldiers are alone, not even their spirits can survive the emptiness of the trenches. To begin with, the images in the poem appear to contrast with those in "Regeneration" as we see Sassoon looking forward

  • Clinton Road : A Short Story Of A Ghost Story

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    Probably the most common ghost story that we hear about Clinton Road is that of a dead young boy who hangs out under a bridge and returns coins to you after you throw them in the water. As far as we know, this tale is unique to Clinton Road, but it is difficult to say when or how this story began.The road and the land around it have achieved recognition through the years being an area rife with numerous stories of paranormal occurrences such as sightings of ghosts, strange creatures and gatherings

  • The Ghost Road by Par Barker and Paradise by Abdulrazak Gurnah: Viewing the Germans from the British Viewpoint during World War I in Two Novels

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    The criteria that needs to be considered for the winning novel, includes a wide variety of theories, debates and critical writings that together will give an informed and balanced decision. An instinctive judgment would be to view the book cover and the précis of the plot; and then from a personal perspective ask if it would be likely to entice the reader. However, this narrows ones thought process; also an instinctive judgement is based on ones past personal experience, which will ensure that

  • Short Story Of Kyle's Mistake

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    Meanwhile, Kyle, still in Avon Lake was starting to see a ghost. He was driving out of town and was seeing the ghost of the man, Billy Crenshaw, he ran over in the dark, about 20 years ago. It was dark and the road was wet when it happened. Mr. Crenshaw was jogging on the side of the road like always because it was his routine. A car was driving on the wrong side of the road, so Kyle swerved out of the hitting Mr. Crenshaw. Kyle was put in jail, then transferred into a correctional facility, for

  • Essay About The Storm

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    clouds covering up the blue sky. She wakes up after we hit a bump in the road. After checking her surroundings and coming to her senses, she begins to laugh, almost maniacally. James asks, “ Grandma, what is so funny?” she smirks and replies, “ Oh, nothing. Can

  • Route 64: A Short Story

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    Route 64 Our friends Teagan and Jimmy were firm believers in ghosts and claimed to have seen the mysterious blonde-haired ghost that haunted Route 64. My brother and I were sitting with them at dinner one night, and we started kidding them about it. “Funny how we’ve never seen him, and we drive that stretch of road all the time,” my brother Jim drawled.“You skeptic,” Teagan said, emphasizing the word as if it were a curse. “One of these days, you’re gonna find out I’m right.” The evening ended pleasantly

  • Haunted Wisconsin

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    places in Wisconsin are worth learning about. Do you know what the closet haunted places to you are? The closet haunted places are in Weyauwega, Marsh Road. There are actually two haunted roads by the name of Marsh Road in Weyauwega (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 29). There is one where I live stretching from highway 54 to White Lake Road, which is the road I live on, and there is one near highway ten just off of

  • History Of Haunted Places In America

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    the living. From the ghost of Marilyn Monroe to a ghost truck which chases people off a cliff, America has had a very long history of paranormal happenings which haunt visitors and locals alike. Here are 10 creepy places in America you will never want to visit. List Item Queen Mary, a retired ocean liner, contains several ghosts, including ghostly kids playing by the pool and the spirit of a sailor accidentally killed while fleeing a fire. List Item Roosevelt Hotel, one

  • Summary : ' The Serenity Of The Area '

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    completely demolished after a blazing fire burned it to the ground. The community along with visitors to the area and investigating paranormal teams have dubbed it one of the most eerie and haunted hot-spots in the entire state of Virginia. Apparitions, ghosts, flickering lantern lights, dark shadows, and other phantom entities have been spotted in the Old House Woods for over 200 years. Mathews County was once an active port just before Revolutionary and Civil Wars. The entire area is saturated in history