The Green Monkey

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  • Descriptive Essay On St. Kitt

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    havoc on this dreamy island getaway. That animal- the cheeky one that stole your cocktail- is none other than the vervet monkey. On St. Kitts you will find troops of vervet monkeys with a bit of an alcohol problem. So much so that they have learned to steal alcohol from bars and unsuspecting tourists in order to become obnoxiously drunk. After getting their fix, these monkeys exhibit the typical inebriated behavior that comes with alcohol. You can see them rolling on the ground, falling out of trees

  • Color Vision Deficiencies and the Evolution of Color Vision in Primates

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    many people who go about life thinking that their vision is “normal,” when they are really experiencing their sense of sight through a color vision deficiency. A typical person relies on the color of fruit to determine its ripeness. Looking at a green banana signals to the brain that it is not ripe nor is it ready to be eaten; while looking at a brown banana signals that it is overripe and should be thrown away or used for baking purposes. What if you could not see the color and had to rely on

  • The Evolution Of Color Vision

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    Color vision is an evolutionary trait that provides primates with significant reproductive and survival value (Gomes, Pessoa, Suganuma, Tomaz, & Pessoa, 2002). However, the quantity and quality of color vision varies within and between species in the primate lineage. Primates are divided into four groups Apes, New World, Old World, and Prosimians. The New World primates are located in the rainforests of South America and surrounding areas, while the other groups of primates are distributed across

  • The Importance Of Animal Research On Animals

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    Animals do have the ability to make decisions due to the use of neurotransmitters like dopamine and the development of prefrontal cortex. This paper will discuss the different experiments that were conducted to determine whether or not animals are capable of making simple decisions or more complex decisions. I will go through articles that talk about the choices that animals make when faced with different controlled and not controlled conditions. I will conclude my paper by restating the thesis

  • Color Blindness In Adult Primates Summary

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    The article “Gene therapy for red- green colour blindness in adult primates” by Katherine Mancuso and her colleges is about the possibility of curing color blindness. This test was done on adult squirrel monkeys that were missing the L- opsin gene. Out of the three cones humans have (short (S), long (L), or the middle (M) photoreceptor) only the L-or-M cone is responsible for red- green colour blindness. Many female squirrel monkeys have the ability to access all three photoreceptors giving them

  • Red Green Colorblindness : A Genetic Disorder

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    Cloe Michaud Biology D Slot Red-Green Colorblindness Red-Green colorblindness is a genetic disorder that 8% of males and .5% of females suffer from everyday (Deeb and Motulsky, 2005). John Dalton is credited as being the first to discover the disorder when he wrote about his own colorblindness in “Extraordinary facts relating to the vision of colours” in 1793 (Flück, 2010). At this time he thought that there was colored liquid inside his eyeballs and that was what caused his different perception

  • Color Vision Of Spider Monkeys

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    assess color vision of spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi; n=4). The animals’ abilities to discriminate two test apparatus of varying color (red, green, and blue) and their abilities to correctly choose the sample that matches the original color will be tested. Additionally, the gender link component in color perception of primates will be analyzed by testing both sexes of monkeys. Ultimately, if the animal is able to match at rate greater than that of chance, each monkeys’ individual color vision will

  • Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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    Society International). The Silver Spring Monkeys is known as the case that launched PETA. A member of PETA went undercover in a lab that tested on 17 monkeys living in tiny wire cages that were caked with years of feces that had accumulated (PETA). These monkeys were subjected to surgeries where their spinal nerves were severed, rendering one or more of their limbs useless (PETA). “Through the use of shock, food and water deprivation, and other methods, the monkeys were forced to try to regain the use

  • Kinkajou Essay

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    the Hulk. the Hulk is a giant green monster that is actually just a human. When the human gets made that's when he turns into the hulk and becomes the giant green monster people love. The kinkajou has multiple similarities to the hero, the kinkajou gets agitated easily and can become very hostile and start destroying everything. The Kinkajou does not grow and become green but this little monkey does go crazy and is not easy to calm down. The Kinkajou is a tiny monkey, that can turn into mini hulk

  • Spider Monkeys Lab Report

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    Color Vision in Spider Monkeys Objective: To determine the color vision abilities of four individual spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi). Certain New World monkeys, such as spider monkeys, vary in the types of color they can see. Furthermore, the color vision abilities of these monkeys vary among individuals due to the differing genetics of males, who have dichromatic vision and certain females who have trichromatic vision similar to humans (Regan et al., 2005). Additionally, only one behavioral