The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

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  • Summary Of The Novel 'The Bungalow Mystery'

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    The book The Bungalow Mystery is about a girl, Nancy Drew. Nancy is a detective and loves solving mysteries. One day, Nancy and her friend Helen are on a boat ride, and they come across a huge storm. Their boat sinks, and they almost drown when someone named Laura Pendleton comes and rescues them. She then explains that her mother just recently passed away, and she came here to meet her new guardians. Her mother had said that they were nice, but when Laura met them, they seemed awfully rude. She

  • Criminal Justice: Personal Statement

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    When I was approximately eight years old, I received several copies of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series from my aunt. After that, I have read Sherlock Holmes mysteries and watched crime shows like ‘DCI Banks’ and ‘Grantchester’. These books and TV shows sparked my interest in mysteries and Criminal Justice in general. Since then, I have aspired to follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes, though fictional, and become a detective. However, in order to obtain that goal, I would need to study

  • Trail House Lodge Book Report

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    is the second book in a mystery series starring Sophie Collins. Sophie, a fourteen year old girl, has only recently become heiress to the Morsey Estate. She, as most young adults her age, is still trying to find her way. Grayson, her caretaker, wishes she would act more dignified and ladylike, but Sophie is a tomboy at heart and not ready to grow up quite yet. Sophie and her friends Beth Martin, Tommy Logan , and Tyler Blakemore love exploring together and finding mysteries. In this second book

  • Octavia Spencer : An Analysis

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    ‘“Dreams have as much influence as actions”’(Mallarme). Octavia Spencer's dream was to become an actress, but in order to accomplish this she had to put forth time and effort. Octavia had her share of obstacles, but she pushed through them to get to where she is today. She was not the wealthiest, the smartest, or even the best looking. However, she had determination, with this she stood out among the rest of the competition. Octavia is who she is today because of her family, her education and her

  • The Hound Of The Baskervilles By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Essay

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    detectives, whether the image is a man in a trench coat holding a magnifying glass, a beloved childhood character like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys, or the classic Victorian detective. While all of these may hold true, one specific person comes to mind at the mention of a detective, Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Along with images of detectives come preconceived ideas of what a detective or mystery novel should be or what it should contain. Within the genre, numerous authors have stood out among the others and

  • Gender Stereotypes in Literature Essay

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    especially for boys or for girls. Like any developmental form of entertainment, from toys to movies, children's books are often littered with hints that dictate whether they were originally meant for male or female enjoyment. Sometimes these hints can be as simple as the specific gender of the main characters, for example Carolyn Keene's Nancy Drew series calls for a female audience while the extremely similar yet sexually opposite Hardy Boys mysteries fall into the hands of boys, yet other times

  • Reading and Censorship of the Harry Potter Novels Essay

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    Reading and Censorship of the Harry Potter Novels J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, which have reached worldwide popularity have an effect on children has not been matched by any other book. The novels have encouraged children to read for entertainment instead of turning to television or video games. When a piece of literature inspires children as the Harry Potter novels do, limiting a child’s access to the novels seems ridiculous. Unfortunately, this is what is happening with Harry Potter

  • C.S. Lewis on Misunderstanding Fantasy Essay

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    C.S. Lewis on Misunderstanding Fantasy “Good stories often introduce the marvelous or supernatural and nothing about Story has been so often misunderstood as this.” On Stories—C.S. Lewis The early decades of the last century saw the loss of credibility of fantasy literature among the academic elite who ruled it a popular genre with little to no scholarly merit. Little that had had the misfortune of being dubbed fantasy had escaped the blacklist cast upon the field. Many

  • Children's Literature

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    1. Introduction 3 2. Early History 6 The Greek and Roman Eras: 50 B.C.-A.D. 500 6 The Middle Ages: 500-1500 6 The Renaissance: 1500-1650 7 The Rise of Puritanism and John Locke: Late 1600s 8 3. Beginning of Children’s Literature: Late 1700s 10 4. Fairy and Folk Tales 12 The Golden Age of Children’s Literature: Late 1800s 12 5. Victorian Children's Literature 16 6. Contemporary Children's Literature 18 6. Analysis of Harry Potters’ series 21 7. Conclusion 30 8. Summary 31 Children’s Literature Definitions

  • Management Course: Mba−10 General Management

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    Management Course: MBA−10 General Management California College for Health Sciences MBA Program McGraw-Hill/Irwin abc McGraw−Hill Primis ISBN: 0−390−58539−4 Text: Effective Behavior in Organizations, Seventh Edition Cohen Harvard Business Review Finance Articles The Power of Management Capital Feigenbaum−Feigenbaum International Management, Sixth Edition Hodgetts−Luthans−Doh Contemporary Management, Fourth Edition Jones−George Driving Shareholder Value Morin−Jarrell Leadership