The Hidden Land

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  • Victor Wooten Redefines The Word Musician

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    Victor Wooten redefines the word musician. Regaled as the most influential bassist since Jaco Pastorius, Victor is known for his solo recordings and tours, and as a member of the Grammy-winning supergroup, Béla Fleck & The Flecktones. He is an innovator on the bass guitar, as well as a talented composer, arranger, producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. But those gifts only begin to tell the tale of this Tennessee titan. Victor is the loving husband and devoted father of four; the youngest

  • The Flecktones: Band Analysis

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    On November 3rd of 2016 I went to listen to Bela Fleck and The Flecktones live at the Quick. The style of music that they play is called jazz fusion and I have even heard of this type of music, so I was interested to see how I would like it. The Flecktones have a variety of different instruments so I thought that would be a cool twist. Some guys that make up the band are of course Bela Fleck, Jeff Coffin, Future Man, Victor Wooten, and many more. The way they set up the stage was unique. They had

  • Analysis Of The Marginal World By Rachel Carson

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    areas hidden in the simplest of landscapes; despite how Carson finds beauty in places untouched, while Sanders finds beauty in places taunted by human touch. The sea and the shoreline have captivated Rachel Carson, in her essay, “The Marginal World”, where she writes about the spectacles found on beaches. Along where the sea and land meet, there will be bright-colored trash and sometimes treasures found. Carson looks past the trash and is willing to dig for her treasure in between the land and sea

  • Disneyland Research Papers

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    people from all around the world visit the park each year. What exactly is it that draws millions of people back to the park each year? While in Disneyland, you can experience the past, the present, and the future by walking through the 8 different lands. As you walk through the gates, you enter onto Main Street U.S.A. The street is lined with shops ranging from the Penny Arcade to the Fire Department. Some shops, such as the The Emporium, have been around since the park first opened, which was

  • Tallahassee Research Paper

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    claimed to list five hidden gems that were in or around Tallahassee. Being an expert (at least I like to think so) on the Tallahassee area, I took the bait and clicked the link. I was happy that they included Maclay Gardens and the trail loop at Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park but I was sad that all of the other items mentioned were located one to two hours outside of Tallahassee. It really is a shame because Tallahassee is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet and has tons of hidden natural gems. I

  • Descriptive Mexicans Essay

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    Tuscany is a region in Italy often referred to as a charmed land. Not only is it considered as the cradle of art, but Tuscany is also a part of the modern charm and ancient splendor. Here, one will find a hidden palace, hilltop castles, old towns nestled in the mountains, and ancient chapels. Each spot in the land of Tuscany has hidden treasures to be found, such as an original colored piazza, famous museums housing masterpieces, a fresco in the church, large fortresses and walls, and majestic palaces

  • Fossil Fuels : A New Form Of Energy

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    Imagine New York City right now with all its bright lights, crowded streets full of cars, and amazing architecture such as skyscrapers and subway systems. Now let a few decades go by and take away fossil fuels, what is left now? A dark city with empty streets littered by useless vehicles and empty buildings and tunnels. Why did all of this change and why was this simple form of energy removed? That is because at the current rate of consumption fossil fuels will not last more than a few decades, plunging

  • What Is The Hidden Meaning In Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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    allegorical novel written by William Golding in 1954. It tells the story of a group of boys flying away from the war in Britain, only to be shot down and crash land on an island. The boys have rules and civilization, but soon descend into savagery. This essay will uncover the hidden meanings in Piggy, the Lord of the Flies, and the conch. The first hidden meaning we will discover lies within Piggy, one of the main characters. Piggy represents the voice of order, reason, and civilization, for he never succumbed

  • Women's Rights : Equality And Lack Of Rights And Equality In America

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    In the summer of 1776 the United States of America became a free land which brought joy and hope to what could be. However, as the land grew, so did the discrimination, prejudice views, and lack of freedom. All citizens were originally meant to be treated equal, but the hatred amongst others grew to an unthinkable proportion. Blacks and whites became segregated by law; men were given the idea that they were more powerful, or superior, just because of their gender. With society and technology advancing

  • The Dragon Myth

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    For a thousand years dragons have guarded the land of Ilyad from the creatures and forces of the dark. Now with the land at peace it is time for them to rest, ten years they will sleep till the dragon prince wakes them, a child of noble birth gifted with the Tears of Blood. During that decade something go’s wrong, the dragon prince was never born. The dragons sleep for another five hundred years. In that time chaos ensues and war breaks out between two nations. With the nations at war a Jintary