The Hunt of the Unicorn

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  • The Unicorn Tapestries Essay

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    Ages the unicorn was thought of as being a strong and fierce animal associated with chastity and virginity. It was during this time that unicorns began appearing in artwork and tapestries. The Unicorn Tapestries have been one of the most popular tapestry wall hangings since the medieval era. The Unicorn Tapestries is a set of seven tapestries dated c. 1495-1505 from Brussels. They each hang at 12'1" x 8'3." They are Franco-Flemish work and are commonly referred to as The Hunt of the Unicorn. The

  • Essay Humanity in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner

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    pissed off at people. Would that make him human? Would lack of that ability make him inhuman? Look at the debates over Deckard's status. Does Scott's announcment that he was a replicant make him any less human? He dreams not of electric sheep, but of unicorns. What is there about him that makes him inhuman? Roy's death in the final scenes is a very poignant example of this particular theme. Replicants have a built-in maximum life span of four years, and Roy's time is up. Here's his parting soliloquoy:

  • Differences Between Blade Runner And Blade Runner

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    It is the 21st century, a new corporation has made robots that are nearly identical to humans. The police have hired bounty hunters whose job it is to shoot on sight. This is not called execution, it is called retirement. This is the opening crawl of Blade Runner but with a few changes to make it more vague. The changes are not just to prevent plagiarisation, they are to show the similarities between the movie and the book. Many people do not know that Blade Runner is inspired by the novel by Philip

  • Queen of Air and Darkness Study Guide Essay

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    not lived in vain. He dedicated his life and his magic to show the people in power how things should be done for the good of the people. 15. Morgause’s sons hunt to hunt the unicorn so they can serve. They do end up killing the unicorn but when their mother finds out about it is she is furious because she was unsuccessful with her unicorn hunting and she beats them. 16. Arthur decides to make a round table so there is not head of the table. 17. Merlyn talks about Hitler and Jesus. Hitler tried

  • The Narwhal: The Unicorn of the Ocean Essay

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    Narwhal is a whale and is also known as the unicorn of the sea. It is in the family of bottlenose dolphins, orcas, and Belugas (World Wildlife Fund). The scientific name for the Narwhal is Monodon monoceros and it is Greek meaning one-tooth, one-horn. It can grow up to 13-16 feet in length and weighs almost 2 tons (4,000 pounds). The region they are usually located is around the Arctic waters of Canada, Greenland, Norway and Russia. They are known as unicorns of the sea because they have a tusk, one

  • Personal Narrative: Looking For One Thing, Found Another

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    thought I would be ok not knowing my history or who my real parents were but turns out I’m not ok about it, I’m not ok being that pretty rich girl who everyone thinks nothing of and I’m not ok with people knowing of me just because I’m the only adopted unicorn in upper Earth. These thoughts are some of the things that triggered my curiosity about my background and lead me to go on the most life changing experience of my life. I was what people stereotyped as the typical teenage brat. I was 17 years

  • Creative Writing: Olygia

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    bleeding for the last three days and he’s built like a rotted scarecrow. Unless you want to use him as fertilizer, I don’t see how he can be useful.” “I’m good with my hands,” Ulysses replied. “I can fix those robots you have wandering around here. I can hunt well enough with a gun or

  • Gargoyles Essay

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    forests of Guatemala, Mayan Clan fights to protect the jungle and several dozen gargoyle eggs hidden in the rookery inside the pyramid. In Europe, there's the London Clan consisting out of gargoyles similar to traditional heraldic creatures like unicorns, griffins and hippogriffs. On the other side of the world, Ishigura Clan lives in an old Japanese Shinto temple. Ishigura Clan taught the ancient samurai Bushido

  • H. G. Wells Antigone: A Narrative Fiction

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    trying to learn all she could. “Got it, no more than is needed.” It was strange to her to think they needed to trap. Annette, her younger sister, had always been reading novels that seemed to express how vicious and relentless werewolves were. They’d hunt their prey under the dark sky, dragging them from their homes into the pits of darkness. The mere thought was rather amusing, considering the truth of the situation. Isobel watched as Cross began to dig into the meat; it didn’t look as if it was even

  • Ashiro Torar Research Paper

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    Ashiro Toran Half Demon Incubus Assassin Bounty Hunter Ashiro was born from a Glabrezu and a Succubus into a noble family. The demon lord’s kin was murdered in a battle leaving him without a prince. Being the first noble family from three others branching off of the lord’s father; this meant Ashiro was the prince. His cousin in the second noble family murdered Ashiro’s family and many of the demon lord’s servants. He blamed it all on Ashiro. The demon lord had him removed from the noble house and