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  • Peterson's Influence On My Ministry

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    It is difficult to choose a single book or author that has influenced me. Miroslav Volf helped me to understand grace and forgiveness in a new way that has impacted my ministry (Volf, 2005). Eugene Peterson showed me that ministry looks different for every person and in every context (Peterson, 1992). Donald Miller reminded me of how Christianity looks from the outside (Miller, 2004). And Fernando Arzola Jr. gave me an entirely new paradigm for youth ministry (Arzola, 2008). But the book that most

  • Personal Narrative : Personal Essay

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    I told you all yesterday to write the name of a random object in a random location. Now pass up those papers”, Mr. Canzo proceeded. Everyone began to pass up the papers and the nervousness started to crawl like a spider down my throat. “I hate improvs”, Tenzin sighed. “Same”, Shenez replied. “I hate this class”, I said recalling the reasons why I chose to stay in this class. You’ll be a better public speaker. You’ll gain more confidence. It’s a light class. Easy grades. This is the only class

  • Improv Satire

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    anyone feeling a bit lost, looking for a laugh, or suffocating under the weight of career failure. (Guess who’s three for three?) The story follows a group of friends that work together as an improv troupe at a sinking theater. Improv can often come with the stigma of being awkward and unfunny, but the improv scenes are some of the strongest throughout the entire film. Although the humor does fall flat in some spots (sometimes people just need to know when to let it go and move on) overall the jokes

  • Two Improv Shows

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    The two Improv shows I went to were the Midnite show and the Comedy Sportz Show. Both shows were incredibly well done from the production to the improv itself. The Midnite show had me laughing out loud which is something rare for me at least. My whole life I have done relativity clean improv and to see an X-rated version of it was hilarious. The format for the Midnite show was like the improv I do where there is a selection of games performed for the audience and suggestions are taken by the audience

  • Why Do The Stones Throw Improv?

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    Stones Throw Improv In America, it is believed that through determination and hard work, people can achieve their personal dreams. Though many people believe in the American Dream, there are many who don’t. It does seem hard to believe that every single person in the country has a good and equal chance to achieve their dreams, but there is a real possibility. A quote by Tommy Hilfiger reads, “The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive, and passion, it’s possible to achieve

  • Essay about Improv is a Labor of Love in the Theater

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    Improv was always an intimidating faction of theater. Though there is no planning or scripting, no matter when or where the show was it always seemed a labor of love. Something that was worked on for an extreme length of time but really it was formed from the performer's mind only a second before the audience saw it. Even though I have done theater and dance in the past, improv always seemed something that I was never good at. From watching performances, tv programs, or improv workshops, it always

  • Girl Jam: Melbourne Improv Conspiracy Theatre Session

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    Last Sunday, I attended the Melbourne improv conspiracy theatre session called "Girl Jam" of the Melbourne Fringe Festival with my group members. The show is run monthly from 6pm to 7pm and it is led by a group of professional actors. The "Girl Jam" is a comedy improv show where self-identifying women get to jump on stage and share the joy of improvising together. The show is very much related to playback theatre style except one story could be divided into 6 scenes and each scene went on for about

  • Anand Thaker: A Concert Analysis

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    the idea and encouragement. In February 2014, I did something I hadn’t done before. I didn’t know what to expect, and I couldn’t guess the future impact it would have…I went to an improv show. At the time, attending a show seemed insignificant. Not knowing what to expect, I saw how hilarious and entertaining improv shows can be, and I learned that scenes were the result of audience suggestions. I was amazed seeing characters coming to life unscripted. The best way to describe a show is adult playtime

  • KISS Observation

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    chose to go to the Friday night viewing of the KISS Improv Show. I found out about this event from the campus events listed on the class calendar on d2l, but also when Professor Palazzo highly recommended this event at the beginning of the semester. I had never been to an improv show before, so I had no idea what to expect. I was very surprised to see a small room with no stage, and chairs very close to the performance area. I did not know that improv shows were so interactive with the audience. Saying

  • The Improvisational Brain By Amanda Martinez

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    Learning to create music or a speech spontaneously is not an easy task. Any professional musician will say that improvisation is not as easy as just making it up as one goes along. In fact, the musicians that make improvisation look simple are the ones who have put in countless hours of time and study to make it look effortless. The Improvisational Brain by Amanda Martinez tells about a neuroscientist that studied the science behind how the brain works in order to improvise. In order to be able