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  • A Jealous Whirlwind Research Paper

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    crossfire. Some people get the heavy rain, thunder, and lighting part of it while others, like the citizens of Joplin, Missouri, get the dark clouds and tornado part of storms. The Joplin EF5 tornado hit the unexpectant citizens on May 22, 2011. Kathy Splean of Lincoln County, Missouri was far away from the storm, but had deep connections with it. Kathy’s son, Bob, was living in Joplin at the time with his wife, Shar. The

  • The Food Basket Brigade

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    several churches and organizations have risen to the challenge of meeting needs of those around. The Food Basket Brigade was started in 1988. Since its beginning, the effort has collected and distributed more than 4 million pounds of food. (The Joplin Globe). During the month before they deliver the food, several school organizations go out around town and pick up all the food from people who have it set out, usually by their mailboxes, and then they deliver it to The Newton County Armory. Back several

  • Transportation Issues Of The Joplin Missouri Area

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    Transportation Issues in the Joplin Missouri Area and Their Effects Upon the Rural Population it Serves David Adams Western New Mexico University   Identified in this paper is the social issue of public transportation within the Joplin, Missouri area. The effects of this issue span gender, Joplin, Missouri is at the intersection of two of the busiest intersections in all of Missouri, I44 and Highway 71. Although this center for commerce is busy and growing, in many ways it still acts like the

  • The Music during the Hippie Movement

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    The Music during the Hippie Movement Background The hippie movements of the sixties were driven by a plethora of factors. There were many new technologies that were being introduced in this period, a war against Communism around the globe, internal struggles against several types of injustices, a growing drug culture, and several other important developments. To say the least, it was a volatile period in American history and many sub-cultures were actively seeking to carve out new paths that

  • A Case Study : Response Grant ( SERG )

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    supplies through six centers and through deliveries and made 5,850 health service contacts and nearly 6,800 mental health contacts” (American Red Cross, 2012). Agreed by all agencies, was the enormous task of taking care of the children in Joplin. This task took many different approaches including parenting training and classes, suicide, and suicide prevention, and education regarding drug and alcohol use and abuse. The Administration on Children Youth and Families had concerns over the long-term

  • How Did The Hippie Subculture Influence The 1960s

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    Movement. The Beat Generation, particularly those related to the San Francisco Awakening steadily submitted to the 60's era counterculture, followed by a switch in terms from "beatnik" to "freak" and "hippie." Soon this activity spred out to the entire globe, affecting all popular music categories and nearly all artist during that time. Even though there were lots of distinctive groups and fundamentals resisting the US armed forces engagement in Vietnam because it started to intensify, most of the protesters

  • Warden Elbert v. Nash on Running Penitentiaries Essays

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    Louis Globe-Democrat writer, in the 1960's, states that he took it upon himself to write about the “appalling Conditions” at the Missouri prison. According to Buchanan, he received several complaints from former inmates at the prison. He decided to investigate

  • African Americans and the Genre Rock and Roll

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    In 1951, Alan Freed, a European American disc jockey for a Cleveland radio station, first coined the term rock’n roll. Fifty years later, if you were to poll the general public on which race would dominate that genre of music, the response would be overwhelmingly whites. But rock’n roll is not a white mans music. African American’s were and still are an essential cornerstone of the genre known as rock’n roll. But rock’n roll simply would not exist if it weren't for African Americans. Their presence

  • Persuasive Essay On Dress Code

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    It does not matter where in the world people go, dress code is different but effective in each country, state, and city. In a state like Ohio, people see many different forms of these regulations. At Liberty-Benton High School, students are not allowed to show their shoulders, wear any ripped jeans, wear leggings without their backside covered, and other dress codes that are directed towards females. If a person would travel fifteen minutes southwest, they would come upon another school, Cory Rawson

  • Bob Dylan: The Voice of a Generation Essay

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    As one gradually makes their way through the exclusive pantheon of Rock & Roll, they will cross paths with such deities as Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry, be exposed to the unparalleled mastery of Jimi Hendrix and absorb the raw emotion of Janis Joplin and Curt Cobain. Eventually, at one point or another, they also must discover Dylan. The 1960s was a fiery decade for the United States, not only due to the fact that this country was engaged in a bloody stalemate in the jungles of Southeast Asia