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  • Descriptive Essay About Valentine

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    We then had to put a name of our valentine or a special one. But of course, we did

  • One Last Chance at Friendship

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    It was a normal day at the Fairy Tail everyone was rowdy and causing mischief. Natsu had just gotten into a fight with Gray and won rather quickly so now he had his eyes set on a bigger fish. Hey Lucy have you seen Erza the dragon slayer asked. No I haven’t thinking about it I haven’t seen Erza in two days Lucy replied. Wonder where she’s at Natsu said aloud. Why don’t you ask Mira flame brain Grey says. Didn’t I just get done mopping the floor with your sorry butt perv Natsu replied. Oh really that

  • The Darkness Is Completely Overpowering

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    the side in terror of the light and the vast hand started drawing closer, yet I still stand tall. I am all of a sudden choked by the grip around me, as I am lifted into the air and immediately set onto a hard surface. I soon understand that I have at last been decided for the undertaking. It is my time. It is my turn. It is my… responsibility. My thoughts are run about as I ponder what my undertaking will be, to what extent it will take, and the amount of vigor I will need to use. I am set up for

  • Veterinary Experience Essay

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    made everyone feel just a little better. “And now with no deale once so ever. The award for Best Advances in Veterinary Practices is...Dr. Grace Smith!” The announcer said with a happy and gleaming voice once again. I couldn’t believe that I had one. Time froze in front of me. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t hear, I couldn’t move. Everything that I had worked for. Every waking moment that I had spent studying and practicing had finally paid off. I had won the award of my dreams. And suddenly everything

  • Blood Donation : One Of The Many Lasts

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    Blood Donation One of the many lasts in my life. Driving? Check. First dance? Check. First job? Check. First time donating blood? Not checked, that is until recently. Due to the required age, blood donation has always eluded me. That is until the stars aligned in the most perfect opportunity. The passing of another year for myself, finally at an eligible age for donation: 16, and the assignment of a project that required me to do something of which I have never done. Unwaivered in my resolve to

  • The Last One Hundred Days Analysis

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    Gary Sheffield have a variety of different opinions on the vast topic, one cannot specifically argue over the countless lives lost at the Battles of Somme and Passchendaele. Many allied generals were ineffective during World War I due to the lack of methodical war tactics such as attrition and inefficiency in modern-day fighting. Furthermore, allied leaders ultimately overcame many fallacies and fought brilliantly during the Last One Hundred Days, warranting their triumphant victory. Throughout the

  • A Narretive Essay: One Last Time

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    In “One Last Time,” Gary Soto talks about how he grew up in an immigrant family, and to make money had to work the fields. He talks about how the menial jobs made him feel and what he thought of them. I may not be able to relate to the immigrant laborer part of the story. I understand what it’s like to come from very little but still think that some things are not worth doing just to get something if it will make you feel like less than you are. Soto goes into great detail about his time picking

  • Are You One Of The Last 13 By James Phelan

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    Are You One Of The Last 13 The Last 13 is an intriguing, entertaining & descriptive book written by James Phelan. This book allows you to travel away from your life and follow the journey of Sam who has a supernatural power which makes his dreams, or should I say NIGHTMARES come to life. Sam is only one out of thirteen people who have this power. So, if you're looking for a fiction, thriller series that always keeps you engrossed within the series until it ends, then these are the books for you

  • Reflection On One Last Time By Gary Soto

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    exposed to many different articles, authors, and videos. I have enjoyed all of the reading and videos thus far. I had a few of the assignments stand out to me, and take a deeper meaning than others. One of the activity’s that I had a strong opinion on is one we covered most recently in class named “One Last Time”, written by Gary Soto. This article has stood out to me the most this semester because it is strongly related to me and my family. My mom’s sister, Aunty Patty about 10 years ago married a Mexican

  • At Last I Was One Of You Summary

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    not listening to her mother and for not practicing her Chinese language. The character is now able to make a decision on her own but she feels a sense of remorse when she says “At last, I was one of you; I wasn’t one of them.” (63). Here the reader knows the character has fulfilled her dream of becoming a true American. One can assume she is now happy but on the contrary she now realizes she has lost her chance to be involved in her own culture. The reader can then assume she still wants to have her