The Lives of Others

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  • The Lives of Others Essay

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    Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s film The Lives of Other’s (2005) is set in East Berlin during the socialist reign from November 1984, up until the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. The political context plays a significance role not only in the film’s subject matter but also in its cinematography, which exploits the voyeuristic tendencies of the audience, reflecting the surveillance of the Stasi Secret Police officers. The film follows a loyal socialist and playwright, Georg Dreyman who becomes

  • The Lives of Others Essay

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    ‘Das Leben der Anderen’ (The Lives of Others) is a striking example of how a director can convey narrative links within a film by employing various styles and film techniques. The Lives of Others relies upon these visual means to assist with the telling of the story as much as it relies upon the script. In this selected sequence of the film, several narrative links are drawn here to form the conclusion of ‘Operation Lazlo’. These narrative links are further cemented by Donnersmarck’s use of various

  • Other Half Lives

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    Annotated Bibliography Riis, Jacob. How the Other Half Lives:Studies Among the Tenements of New York. Charles Scribners Son's, 1914. Bartleby, NA, In How the Other Half Lives, Jacob Riis invesitgates and describes all aspects of life that the poor population of New York City, during the Guilded Age, experience. COmbined with actual photo evidence, Riis writes to inform those who don’t realize (the wealthy, politicians, people above the Lower East Side) just how terrible

  • Speech - Lives of Others and Stasiland

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    CRITICALLY COMMENT ON THE USE OF LIGHT AND DARK IN BOTH TEXTS. Anna Funder’s book Stasiland and Donnersmark’s film The Lives of Others both discuss the Stasi’s oppression of the people in West Berlin during the time of the Berlin Wall. The composers depict light and darkness both literally through various techniques and metaphorically through mutual themes. These implementations of light and dark revolve around the concept of secret histories, which refer to the Stasi regime being hidden in darkness

  • How The Other Half Lives

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    Well done, Jacob Riis, well done. In the book How the Other Half Lives, published in 1890, harsh criticisms and observations, along with photojournalism, of the appalling conditions of New York City tenements and their neighborhoods are examined through the eyes of Jacob Riis. As a reporter at the time for The New York Tribune, his writing and photography sparked reform and forced many people, even the likes of Theodore Roosevelt, to focus their attention on the horrendous conditions in which the

  • Analysis Of The Film ' The Lives Of Others '

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    The film The Lives of Others takes place in 1984 East Germany, Stasi officer Hauptmann Gerd Wiesler is assigned to spy on playwright Georg Dreyman.Wiesler soon learns the real reason behind the surveillance: Minister of Culture Bruno Hempf covets Dreymans girlfriend, actress Christa-Maria Sieland, and is trying to eliminate his rival. Through his surveillance, Wiesler knows Dreyman and Sieland are in love. Wiesler, resuming his role as Stasi interrogator, forces Sieland to tell him where the typewriter

  • How to Live with Each Other

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    using violence as a justification for violence, just an excuse. In Richard Wright’s 1940 novel Native Son, Bigger tests Malcolm X’s words when he murders a drunken Mary Dalton out of sheer fear that people would think he took advantage of her. On the other side of the racial spectrum, Heidi Durrow’s novel The Girl Who Fell From the Sky follows a young girl growing up in the

  • How The Other Half Lives Essay

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    and Latin America than other areas which were not colonized for a long time such as Europe and America. We cannot imagine the swift change that happens in the last century in poverty. Surprisingly, it is only one percent of the population that controls most of the international financial assets, creating a massive change in the international landscape of poverty. It was mentioned in the introduction to the text that was taken from Jacob Riis’ book “How the Other Half Lives” this quotation: “Curiously

  • Symbolism In Animal Farm And The Lives Of Others

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    Animal Farm by George Orwell and The Lives of Others by Florian von Donnersmarck have highlighted the dangers inherent in a Totalitarian society by using stylistic features. The stylistic features used include, symbolism of art, and themes of corruption and hope. Animal Farm is an allegory for communism, specifically the 1917 Russian Revolution the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union and reflects on many of the events that lead up to the revolt. The Lives of Others is an allegory for socialism, specifically

  • How the Other Half Lives Essay

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    Danielle Mariella November 17, 2005 Book Report #2 How the Other Half Lives Introduction The book How the Other Half lives, is one of those books that definitely affects you as soon as you read it. Jacob Riis the author of the book, wrote it exactly for the purpose, to affect people and get them to realize how bad the conditions were back then in New York City. He goes into full depth, of what the living conditions were like, who lived in them, and how they were affected by them. Mostly