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  • Los Angeles Times Analysis

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    The general argument made by Los Angeles Times, adapted by Newsela staff in their work, they are talking about how people are protesting that orcas should be let go into the wild. They go over why it is a bad idea, which is because of illness and other problems that occur during the way. They are even able to back up what they said with an example. There was an orca named Kielo and they released him. After the release he stayed around humans and later died of pneumonia. More specifically, They

  • Los Angeles Times Article Analysis

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    The Los Angeles Times article by Jim Puzzanghera is about consumers saving their money rather than spending it regardless of an increase in income. Although the increase was not too dramatic, people have a sense of when the economy is hurting. One example is through the stock market which recently had a bad plunge in January. Another example is inflation. Inflation results in worthless money which connects to the following statement “Consumer spending accounts for about two-thirds of U.S. economic

  • Los Angeles Times Michael Fanselow

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    We all love a good scare from time to time. That spine chilling horror flick or that toe curling scary story makes our hormones rush. As Halloween is just round the corner, it’s the perfect time to discuss the benefits of being scared. Teaching Appropriate Response In an interview with The Los Angeles Times, Michael Fanselow, a behavioral neuroscientist at UCLA, says that horror movies, despite being unrealistic, teach us to have proper responses to actual threats, especially when we’re young. "The

  • The Editorial Came Out Of The Los Angeles Times

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    The editorial came out of the Los Angeles Times. It was interesting magazine for an editorial supporting gun rights to come out of. It is traditionally a more democratic magazine and them having an anti-Gun Control editorial was a surprise. The editorial is a little older using the Virginia Tech shootings as the most recent incident in the United States. Also, he addressed what European countries were saying about the incident, and how they felt about This article uses all three of the rhetorical

  • 9/11 Attacks In The Guardian And The Los Angeles Times

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    of media outlets around the world. Despite that media plays a major role in one’s life, often times publishers revise the truth and intertwine the event which ultimately has a major impact on the perspective and opinions that people possess as they get manipulated by these news outlets.By examining the event of the September 11 attacks (9/11) from the perspective of “The Guardian” and “The Los Angeles Times”, one can determine the similarities, differences, and the “truth”

  • Personal Narrative-Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books

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    Los Angeles Times Festival of Books On a Sunday afternoon, I hang out with my friend to a local event hold by LA Times, which located at University of Southern California. When I got there, the first thing that got my attention was the books booth. I think the booth was too small because there was really crowded. However, I realized that a massive amount of people actually enjoy reading. I am not a good reader, but this kind of spirit influenced me that I ending up purchased a book. I think the

  • Bill Cosby Scandal Analysis

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    it seems as if she is purposely and solely speaking out to harm Cosby; instead of a victim finally speaking out about an awful experience, she may come across as someone who is trying to spite a celebrity in order to benefit from it. In the Los Angeles Times article, on the other hand, Tarshis is described as having come forward to “tell her story”. “Telling”, in this case, is a transitive verb that only needs a direct object; it therefore doesn’t need Bill Cosby in the indirect object slot where

  • The Metro Angeles Department Of City Planning

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    current location of the 31-year old Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles I had to rely on different sources, but mainly the Sanborn maps and the Los Angeles Times helped me a lot. Though I must say that I used other sources like the Los Angeles Department of City Planning’s OHR’s “How-to” Guide to conducting Historical Research, the Sanborn maps gave more the much-needed information on the historical development of the site (Los Angeles Department of City Planning p1). Furthermore, by using the maps

  • The Importance Of The Darkness In The Los Angeles Times By Paul Bogard

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    the darkness has amazing qualities to it. He feels like he needs to write the article to emphasize the importance of the darkness to various beneficiaries such as: the environment, and human life. This essay meant for casual readers of the "Los Angeles Times", has achieved his purpose in various ways. He has used actual details from world-renowned sources to support his claims about the health and equilibrium benefits that exposure to the dark can bring, and the author also puts in some appeals to

  • Critical Responces to Madame Sata

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    events leading up to Francisco dos Santos’ stardom. Journals, like The American Historical Review, Cineaste, and Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary Global Contexts, discuss the film and the film’s intent while Newspapers, like The New York Times and The Los Angeles times, take on a less critical view on the film and focus in on the story line and life of the director of the film. In comparing the two different forms of print media and writing, the views of the authors and their intended audience about