The Orb

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  • The Fox ( Inaudible Noises )

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    The Fox (inaudible noises) ".... what does that mean?” I said. "It 's a code, use it where ever it should be used,”said a mysterious man. "So, you 're not going to tell me where?” I Asked "You 'll know when the time is right,” said the mysterious man "Like that helps,” I said sarcastically. I wake up, while it 's still the middle of the night, the fountain is still flowing, a few lights are still on and all the guards have gone to bed, I jump out the window because something

  • Bertha Of The Great Gatsby

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    Once upon a time, in a certain kingdom, in a certain land, in a little village, there was a young woman named Bertha. Bertha did not have much, little money, little food, and no real memory of her family, the one thing she did have, was her small yellow stone that hung on her neck, this was the one thing she had to remember her family. She lived in a small hut, which is where she independently cared and supported herself because there was no one else in her life. At night she would have small dreams

  • Analysis Of The Book ' The Wolf '

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    Following her usual route to Grandmother’s house she kept a constant vigil, as the woods had become more treacherous over the years. The local trappers and lumberjacks told tales of shadows moving independently and the trees showing a more menacing visage, so far their stories were proving accurate. Red even noted that the woods seemed denser than before, the tree branches creating a canopy that completely blocked out the afternoon sun, making it seem as if even the sun offered no sanctuary in these

  • My Experience In My Life

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    saw a man mixing something in a huge pot over a fire , it smelt like dead rats piled up in a hole. “ your mom” He said “What???” i replied “ your mom is trapped… in a hole… a endless one.” I thought that he was crazy until he showed me a orb. Inside the orb was my moms face and her mouth wide open. “ The evil took your mom and she won’t live unless we save her.” “And how do you suppose we do that. HUH???” He didn’t reply back. Then it was dead silence….. He took me to a broken car and i thought

  • Ruby Dream Storm : A Short Story

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    Hello, I’m Ruby Dream Storm and this is Devil Red Moon. He rules a kingdom and he’s also the leader of the DemonBlood army. Yep, a Star Wolf married to a DemonBlood, or is he a DemonBlood? Let's start at the beginning. When I was a newborn. My father Spot took me away from my mother Tia. I was only a newborn so I didn't know much at that time. When I was three years old. I read a book about every single first kind of spicies. I read something at the very end of the page. Their were lists of

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    She twirled the keys around her pointer finger before slotting them into the keyhole and locking it, then tucked them back into her jean pocket. She tucked a strand of curly hair that had fallen out of it’s ponytail behind her ear as she turned the sign from open to closed. Turning around, she leaned her back against the shop windows, peered at the rows of flower arrangements along the walls, and sighed. Vivian pulled her apron over her head and hung it back on the tacky, rusted, flower hooks on

  • Blue Orb Case

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    Blue Orb: A Company in Transition This report is consistent with my signed Academic Integrity Form on file with the instructor. Team 6 February 17, 2015   Critical Issues After an analysis of the current situation, Blue Orb Inc. needs to address the following: • Transition Path from a research-orientated organization into retail oriented business • Strategic business decision regarding marketing plan for SwitchBlade Pro o Inability

  • Descriptive Essay On The Cursed Orb

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    The Cursed Orb “Mooooooom,” my sister, Jennifer whined, and fanned her face, “It's so hot! I'm dying! Breaking News! 14-year-old girl dies of heat stroke because evil mother refuses to turn on the A/C!” my brother, James groaned, looked up from his phone and said, “Be quiet, Jen, we're all hot, but you don't have to make a big deal out of it just because you want attention!” Jennifer pouted and said, “You know, it's worse for me! With all this heat, I'll sweat, and if I sweat, my makeup will be screwed

  • Blue Orb Recycling And Recycling Reduction

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    Executive Summary Blue Orb Recycling is one of Minnesota’s leaders in recycling and waste reduction. The company accepted a diverse arrangement of programs and incentives to achieve a recycling rate of 37%. While this recycling rate is high, Blue Orb Recycling has adopted a far more enthusiastic goal of 50%, to meet the goals of the state of Minnesota. Executives have chosen to focus on programs that will enable them to achieve their 50% recycling rate. Blue Orb Recycling was created to address

  • Descriptive Essay On The Day

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    is empty with no one in sight. I’m going to the library to go print out something for english but I am unsure of what. There is an oval object against the wall on the right, it gives off the same effect as a heat wave on top of a car. I turn to the orb, and look at it blankly. My fingers just an inch away, about to touch it, then I wake up. I get ready for school, wake up at 5:40, play on my phone, get dressed, let the dogs out, eat breakfast, brush teeth, and walk out the door. The day is boring