The Pillowman

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  • Analysis Of The Pillowman

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    in his work and he implements the surprise by having the humor be dark and gallows humor. Dark and gallows humor, and gruesome descriptions are especially apparent in McDonagh’s play The Pillowman. Let’s explore critical and personal responses to McDonagh’s work, including: The Pillowman and Hangmen. The Pillowman was written to shock, and shock it did. Initially, I was very shocked at Ariel and Tupolski’s initial treatment of Katurian when he first enters the interrogation room, leading to feelings

  • Compare And Contrast The Pillowman And 1900

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    becomes a kind of purification or salvation. Even though life is full of difficulties, people try to get spiritual solace and relaxation by exposure to art. Thus, plenty of scripts were formed to discuss how people look upon the nature of art. In The Pillowman written by Martin McDonagh, the main character, Katurian creates lots of impressive stories as the only treasure he left after he died. In the movie The Legend of 1900 directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, the leading character “1900” dedicates all his

  • Pillowman Analysis

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    In Pillowman I was the Assistant director, so is my point of view as the assistant director for Pillowman. First thing I quickly found out was the roles of the leads who are two brothers were to be played by women. At first I did not know that could work out, because of how the playwright specifically mentioned two brothers. As I read through the script, I would wondered how challenging it was going to be for Katurian one of the leads to take the brutal beatings. These are such brutal beatings that

  • The Role Of Storytelling In The Pillowman And Antigone In New York

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    The Pillowman and Antigone in New York illustrate storytelling as a central role regarding the character truth. The impact of storytelling influences the actions and behaviour that the police officer’s observation affects the way the characters perceive themselves. Katurian in The Pillowman and the homeless, Anita, Sasha and Flea, in Antigone in New York represent the act of storytelling as a way to escape their realities. Storytelling examines the influence from the past to represent the problems

  • Storytelling As A Form Of Storytelling

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    becomes a form of physical and psychological torture that the characters try to escape. There are two perspectives that torture illustrates in the plays. Torture as a form of storytelling is sharing the stories, but also how stories are told. The Pillowman forms storytelling as torture when the Tupolski and Ariel interrogate Katurian to expose his identity through his stories. The push of storytelling as torture becomes a central focus when the use of language and words direct a physical and psychological

  • Death Is An Issue That Everyone Contemplates At Some Point

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    bad? Thinkers of all stripes have struggled with this question and attempted to provide answers. Two people who have explored this question are Simon Blackburn and Martin McDonagh. The former in his book Being Good and the latter in his play The Pillowman. In his play, McDonagh packs his prose with moral questions and ethical dilemmas. The

  • The Relations Between Art And Life Is Explored Throughout

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    The relations between art and life is explored throughout Martin McDonagh’s play, The Pillowman and Muriel Spark’s Loitering With Intent. They explore these relations through discussing the stylistic features of their characters and how these characters are perceived in real life. Both authors explore how the preconceived ideas of what a character should be is dismantled and the line which distinguishes between art and life is becoming less clear. Another way in which these authors explore the link

  • Linearity In Samuel Beckett's Endgame

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    the time and place for The Pillowman is left rather ambiguous. We are show a number of concrete locations such as a police interrogation room and a prison cell, two fantasy worlds where two of Katurian’s stories are dramatised which include a section of a child’s bedroom and an outdoors area set in a forest. Any place names mentioned in the play are a mixture of Eastern European and references. (Pilný, 2006). As with Beckett’s work, the length of action in The Pillowman seems to be equal with the

  • The Interrogation In The Strange Case Of Katurian

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    to help along Katurian’s imagination. Then, when the cop said that Michal spoke to him, it raised a red flag in Katurian’s head because Michal doesn't speak to strangers. Why’s that? Because Michal is in Kat’s head. Which even the author of The Pillowman gave away to us when we found out Michal’s torture was faked. Meaning that the cop faked the beating. Also meaning that Katurian’s imagination went off the charts to try and make sense of the whole thing. Which is exactly what happened when they

  • Tuesday's Lecture Analysis

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    This week's seminar started with the disappointment about the Tuesday's lecture with Faith Austin being cancelled. We commented and discussed about it with Daisy, that informed us about Austin being ill. After numerous propositions from my colleagues to have the lecture at the end of the term, the teacher claimed that she will do her best so we can manage to have the lecture about Production and Stage management. After that, together as a whole group we talked about the recent news, including Bristol