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  • The Possibility of Evil

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    The Possibility of Evil Character Sketch –Miss Adela Strangeworth “The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinion.” We all have opinions on things that are not an actual reflection of the reality. We have opinions that are different than what is real. Miss Adela Strangeworth is a 71-year old woman with blue eyes and pretty little dimples. She lives in an ancestral house where her parents and grandparents lived. She often thought that the town belonged to her since her grandfather built

  • The Possibility Of Evil And The Lottery

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    Looks can be deceiving as shown In Shirley Jackson’s fiction short stories, “The Possibility of Evil” ,and “The Lottery”. In these stories there are both similarities and differences. In both short stories there is an unexpected ending. Although both endings are very different in many ways. Literary devices that are used in both stories also show great similarities, and differences. Irony is a literary device that is used in both stories. A quote in “The Lottery” reads, “Thought we were going

  • The Possibility Of Evil Analysis

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    interpretation and be used as a warning to not trust everything that meets the eye. Miss Adela Strangeworth in Shirley Jackson’s “The Possibility of Evil” lives up to the dark irony of that phrase as the story unfolds. Jackson uses irony throughout many elements of her story to illustrate how evil can be masked by an amiable façade. In the beginning of “The Possibility of Evil,” Miss Adela Strangeworth is presented as a kind and humble character who maintains a respectable appearance around her peers.

  • The Possibility Of Evil Analysis

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    after their analysis. The main characters in the short stories “Lamb to the Slaughter”, by Roald Dahl and, “The Possibility of Evil”, by Shirley Jackson, should have known this lesson. In “Lamb to the Slaughter,” Mary Maloney is a kind housewife this sweet who loves her husband dearly, but changes to a bitter and angry widow after her husband leaves her. In “The Possibility of Evil,” Miss Strangeworth appears to be a kind elderly lady, but behind close doors, she is the complete opposite. After

  • Questions On The Possibility Of Evil

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    Siu Lan Huang Wu Short Story Project Written-response questions The Possibility of Evil - Do you think that Dave does the right thing by sending the letter to Don Crane in person? Why or why not? Miss Strangeworth thinks she has to watch over her town. She thinks she has to fix everything in her town because she sees evil where there is none. Because of Ms. Strangeworth paranoid of fixing things,she sends anonymous letters hoping she could stop the trouble. However, one day she drops a letter

  • Evil In The Possibility Of Evil By Shiley Jackson

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    “The Possibility of Evil” Evil is in the eye of the beholder. Just like how evil is possible in places or people even when they seem incapable to do so. The short story “ The Possibility of evil” by Shiley Jackson is about a woman struggling to find a sense of belonging and value in a growing and changing town. Shirley Jackson asserts that while people strive to be good they are prone to have a misconception on what is right and wrong or behave in evil ways when feeling vulnerable and unvalued

  • The Possibility of Evil by Shirley Jackson

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    him to evil ways.” In “The Possibility of Evil,” Miss Strangeworth, a seemingly innocent elderly woman, sends cruel letters in order to rid her town of evil. When other townspeople discover her as the author of the letters, they destroy her prized roses. Shirley Jackson’s “The Possibility of Evil” not only reveals the deceitfulness of people, but also emphasizes the underlying evil of all humans and shows that evil remains insurmountable until fully accepted. Above all, in “The Possibility of Evil

  • The Possibility of Evil by Shirley Jackson

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    Shirley Jackson emphasizes appearance vs. reality in the short story “The Possibility of Evil” because looks can be deceiving. Looks can shape how we think of people and in reality they could be the opposite. Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Possibility of Evil” is set in the 1950’s in a small town that reveals the contradiction between appearances vs. reality. In the story it states, “The sun was shining, the air was fresh and clear after the nights heavy rain, and everything in Miss Strangeworths

  • Possibility of Evil Analysis Essay

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    Smith 1 John Smith Mrs.Jones ENG2D1-06 March 5 2009 The Possibility of Evil: Critical Response Journal The Story, The Possibility of Evil is a truly interesting story that demonstrates the evil of a community that seems almost perfect. This story demonstrates how there is probably no place on Earth that evil has not reached. The story bases itself on a small suburban town and the people that live there. The reader meets Miss

  • The Possibility Of Evil Short Story

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    Every person in their lifetime will encounter love. Love is a necessary evil in our lives. Using the moral lense to analyze the short stories “The Possibility of Evil” by Shirley Jackson and “A Bolt of White Cloth” by Leon Rooke, we see that love cannot exist without evil. The characters of the stories all encounter evil through love by means of relationships, goodwill, as well as inanimate objects. Love through relationships can be represented in many ways, for example romantic love and platonic