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  • Pros And Cons Of The SAT

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    Different school districts hold their communities to their own individual standards and compare with scores from other districts across the country. For example, a student from the ghetto in Chicago and one from a suburb may have very different test results. Honestly, there would still be a difference in test results in the comparison between an African American child and a Caucasian child from the same community. The College Board uses a score of 480 for Reading and Writing and 530 for Math. With

  • Response Paper 'The Princeton Review Career Quiz'

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    For this response paper I took The Princeton Review Career Quiz. The purpose of this assessment is to help individual see what career option is the best fit. Even though this assessment does not lead us to our jackpot career it gives us an idea in the path we may end up by evaluating our interest and personality. I remember taking this assessment when I was in high school and almost a decade year later I’m doing another one in m graduate year. Overall, I am excited re-taking this assessment to visualize

  • The Future of Higher Education

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    centuries, and in contemporary times, this industry is indeed going to experience modifications on how the industry will function and continue on. The Princeton Review was established in 1981, and their main mission of test-preparation, tutoring services, and higher education admission counseling have remained constant throughout these years (The Princeton Review). But due to the many changing factors in the contemporary society, some changes must be made on the rising tuition costs and on an unprepared

  • The Main Features Of Princeton Wordnet

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    In this section, we review the main features of Princeton WordNet as well as some other general and specialized WordNets in different languages. A general WordNet covers all domains in a language. Therefore, a deep knowledge of language is required for its construction. However, a specialized WordNet covers words in a specific domain like agriculture, medicine, and computer science. Here, in addition to language knowledge, expertise in that domain is also required. 2-1- Semantic Network of Words

  • A Nurse At Methadone Clinic

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    graduating as her class valedictorian in 1972. Sotomayor became inspired to become a lawyer and eventually a judge after watching an episode of Perry Mason as a child (“Supreme court review,” 2016). Sotomayor earned a full scholarship to Princeton University. Sonia was initially very quiet and sheepish as a Hispanic woman at Princeton University. Ultimately, Sotomayor became an activist for Puerto Rican and Hispanic issues on campus. In particular, Sonia was troubled by the absence of Latin American faculty

  • HRM 300 week 1 Individual assignment Essay

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    Resources determined investigation and the decision which would be in the best interest of the company. ("The Princeton Review",2013). 
 HUMAN RECOURCES MANAGEMENT OVERVIEW 3 The primary function of human resource management According to"The Princeton Review"(2013), The primary functions of human resources are “to ensure the oversight and appropriate matches made

  • SAT Vs SAT Similarities

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    will each be timed. The different parts of the SAT test are critical reading, writing, math without a calculator, math with a calculator, and an essay. The test takes about three hours and in the end you will be scored on a scale of 400-1600 (Princeton Review). The SAT takes a lot of time and energy if you want to get a good score, even though the SAT is not a pass nor fail test. When it comes to the SAT you are scored on mere academics and your knowledge of past grade levels. In the SAT you must

  • MCAT Practice Test

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    scores to differentiate between the strength and weakness. Now, plan accordingly - focus more on the difficult questions and also review others for a better understanding. Step #3 - Find good practice tests. Collect quality practice tests and question banks for the MCAT preparation. Kaplan, Examkrackers, The Berkeley Review (TBR), Next Step and The Princeton Review offer many practice tests for the MCAT. Either buy them or search the library for these test prep books as they have access to question

  • My College Life at Princeton

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    Freshman Year: Just arriving, visualizing the environment of Princeton. The feeling of having the opportunity to be at Princeton excites me. I walk towards the freshman orientation, I feel nervous. It is my first day at Princeton University and I just received my schedule! I am amazed at the courses Princeton offers and while choosing my courses, I meet my first friend name Johanna. She was a skinny, blond girl from the south with a lot of books in her hand and wore glasses.” She has an amazing personality”

  • The Hardship of Going to College

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    Hardships of College Going to college will be the best time of people’s lives, but getting into college just might be the worst. These topics being discussed are good to talk about for upcoming college kids to help them get through this troubling time and inform them that they have options. Getting into college is so difficult due to the high costs of tuition, selectiveness of the college, and also just finding the best fit college for incoming freshmen. Finding a college that is in the right price