The Principal's Office

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  • Personal Narrative-Gym High School

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    The sickening green loveseat engulfed both my brother and I as we sat in the principal’s office, awaiting our fate. My sweaty palms rested on his body, one over his eye and the other on his shoulder, trying to comfort him. Sobs echoed from across the room, reaching my ears and causing a fresh wave of fury to erupt inside me. I glare straight across the room at this chubby little boy folded in his, just as chubby, mothers arms. His tears stained her obnoxious yellow cashmere sweater, which clashed

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    in a normal town just like yours. He was a normal kid just like you. He was in 6 grade and went to Sr Sammy middle school. Sammy was one of the first settlers of The boys planet. One day the boy got called to the principal's office. “ I am I in trouble “ He asked when he went to her office. Mrs. happy the principal said “ no, Connor but we just got informad that you got accepted to the trip”. “ OOOOOO my god !!!! “ He screamed with so much joy the principal had to cover her ears. “ Come down” The principal

  • Benjy-Personal Narrative

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    “Stop it!” I pleaded, as Benjy pummeled me. Lisa was trying to pry Benjy off of me. “Your a freak!” I yelled as I ran away. Lisa met me in the principal's office. Benjy was there making up excuses to the principal of Atlanta’s Millwood High School, Mr. Betty. “You're in big trouble Benjy!” Mr. Betty exclaimed, obviously not believing his story. Let’s rewind this. I am Kurt. I am a senior in high school, I am a skinny, medium sized kid, with brown hair and green eyes. My best friend is a tall

  • Short Story: Levi Middle School

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    He grabbed the two of us by our shirts and escorted us to the principal's office. Sam went in first to explain his story. After about thirty minutes he limped out holding an ice pack on his head and shot me a look. “Mr. Holt you can come on in now,” Principal Rich calls to me. “So Josh, Sam has already explained his side

  • Cheer Captain Bellany-Lany: A Short Story

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    Skull a Scholar This was going to be the best year for senior cheer captain Bellany--Lany, for short. Summer wrapped up neatly, like a Christmas gift, for Lany being absolutely perfect to her plan with being accepted to Harvard on a fully-paid academic scholarship, earning money by being a camp counselor five days a week every week, and, on top of all of those accomplishments, she found time to volunteer from four to nine at the children's hospital with reading novels to them. Yet, her senior year

  • The Experience Of Childhood

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    Secret Ghost Club actually became rather well-known throughout the school, though it is very possible that I am the only one who properly remembers. But it felt like a big deal at the time, until everything changed when I was summoned to the Principal's office and ordered to disband my beloved club. "You're scaring the other students," he had said solemnly, to which I thought, 'Good.' It was then that the Secret Ghost Club truly earned its name; I wasn't prepared to give up my phantom-hunting troupe

  • Personal Narrative: Two Girls At Clark Middle School

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    “Prove it then”-she said back. “Well I will, here you go, sir”-she has proven her. Mr.Montgomery said to them both,“Well I'm calling Ms.Jolie Whitehair down here” they all were talking in his office for about an hour, until they got out and they didn't say any words they all decided that Kendall and Jolie need a few punishments for a bullying other girls not just Hanna but others. Hanna had found new friends they were a lot more popular now not

  • Personal Narrative : A Personal Experience : My Experience In My Life

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    lunchroom. I told Alex what I might be able to go, after eating breakfast we went to the principal's office to get the form. After my parents read the form they told me I could, I was happy and couldn’t wait to tell Alex. On Monday I brought the form back school to hand it in, on my way ran into Alex and told that I was going to the office to turn in the form he said he was doing the same. We get to the office and turn the form in with the 80 dollars for the trip. The principal reminded us that we

  • Persuasive Essay About Friendship

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    I was called into the office during third period. On my way to the office, a million thoughts ran through my mind. Why am I getting called in? Does it have to do with what happened at the Cathys’ pool party? If so, how did they find out? Once I finally arrived at the principal 's office, I was told to take a seat and that he would be with me shortly. Within ten minutes of waiting, his office door opened. Mr. Lopez, our school’s principal, greeted a students out of his office. It was Ashley. I couldn

  • Personal Narrative : A Story Of A Personal Experience In My Life

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    please report to the principal office. I start walking to the principal's office questioning what he is gonna say or what he is gonna do, i'm scared while i'm holding my jaw. I get to the the principal office, he tells me to sit and tell him what happened. I said that Shawn hit me because the way i was dressed and because i went up to him to introduce myself. The principal Mr.Garcia calles his son Shawn into the office. Him and his friends are waiting out of the office and Mr. Garcia calles him in