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  • Sunday Afternoon Games : Creative Writing : Sunday Afternoon Games

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    Sunday Afternoon Games “Line up stingers!” the ref called after his shrieking whistle. All of us ran to the sideline. My mind is racing as I jog over. How good is this team? How good are we? Can we really win? Oh sh*t! We have HomeWo… “Timothy Hudson” the ref shouted interrupting my thought . “ Uh, Uh Eleven, ” I say back still disoriented. Come on get your head in the game, T.J. Get Focused! come on T.J. IT IS GAME TIME.” We all began making our way back to our bench eager to hear the game plan

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Port Huron Central Middle School

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    noticeable. It was the end of the first quarter, and the start of the second, so coach sent a new group out. In the first minute or two they destroyed us, they played really good defence and alright offence. They played really dirty, they realized that the refs weren't calling anything, so they took advantage of that. Coach immediately put the starters back in. They scored about 6 or 7 points, and we only scored 3 that

  • Beowulf Analysis

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    The story of Beowulf is a tale as old as time it is one of the oldest stories in the English language. It has been passed down generation to generation, being changed as time goes on. It's a story of good versus evil it's a story of  how a beast named Grendel attacked men and their way of life. So a hero steps in to save the day by killing the beast that everyone was too scared to face and then the beast mother comes to avenge his death and the hero kills her off leaving the land a better place.

  • Descriptive Essay About Soccer

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    While I had the opportunity to go to a state soccer tournament, I was fortunate enough to be able to play with a group of hard-working girls. On that state road trip, we all created memories that were unforgettable. It was late May, and even though most people were looking forward to summer, I couldn’t wait to go to the soccer tournament in Houston. My team and I had been preparing for the tournament every practice for three months. On a Thursday morning, my team met at our coach’s house to head

  • My Best Game Essay

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    they were slow and that's where we had an advantage. Then the game started and we were preparing for the jump ball. I know that we're not getting that ball and I saw one girl in a running position. So I went down to half court, then as soon as the ref threw the ball in the air the girl was running. Before the ball even got touched by the players. As soon as they got the ball they tried to pass the ball to the girl. I was running to get the ball, I jumped forward and stole the ball. All of the other

  • Personal Narrative : Soccer : The Love Of My Life

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    Soccer has been the love of my life since I was four years old. I cherished everything about it from the sweet smell of the grass to the most exhilarating feeling of scoring a goal. As a person who thinks too much, soccer is an escape hatch out of a cluttered world. Everything about the beautiful game flows so smoothly, from the first whistle to the last, it is like an well composed symphony where each touch is a note. It motivated me to do better in everything I did. As I continued to play and move

  • How To Write A Descriptive Essay About Soccer

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    and Kinleys mom run out to the field were Kinley and I were. One mom ran over with a towel to hold the blood. Minutes later an ambulance came and raced Kinley to the hospital. We had to continue playing because we were in the middle of the game. The ref calls halftime and we all run to the bench. “Okay girl, let’s forget about what just happened to Kinley she will be fine.” Coach said. “I sure hope she is okay” A voice from the crowd. “ I can assure you, Kinley will be fine. Now girls we need to

  • Soccer Narrative Speech

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    “Celebrate what you have accomplished but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed” states Mia Hamm; the former highest leading, female goal scorer in world. It is unknown who stated, “there is a first time for everything” although it is blatantly obvious, that it is true.There is a first time a person walks, runs, smiles, frowns, fall’s in love, or get’s their heart broken. For Mia Hamm, soccer was nothing new to her when she scored her first goal for the Unites States Women’s National

  • Descriptive Essay About Football

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    “Hurry, Hurry what is taking you so long,” yelled mom? “I am coming, just give me one more minute,” I replied. My family is already in the car, as usual waiting on me, but I ran out of the door as quick as I could, so I could jump into my car. I can’t help but to shake, for all I am a nervous mess. It almost looked like my hands were as sweaty as Niagara falls. It is springtime, so the gentle green grass, was super nice to play on in soccer season. Shortly after being in the car, for about 30

  • Playing My Best Game Of My Life

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    Goodish, Badish Basketball The day I played my best. It was in the morning we had to get up to go to are basketball games. Like all morning I was slow and then I played the best game of my life so far. It was a hard game one of the hardest game ever, no it was the hardest game ever. I know what you're thinking,the team played so well together that it was the best they ever played with each other. Even the shy people scored it was great. The score was unbelievable 200 points to 0. But we actually