The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

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  • Chapter Summary Of 'Spongebob Squarepants Movie'

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    was reading and be able to analyze it  with no problem. I now understand that you have to dig deeper into the story and you never know what you’ll find. My first example that focuses on the theme of this chapter would be “The Spongebob Squarepants Movie” In the movie Spongebob gets turned down from the promotion of his dreams because  Mr.Krabs said he is a “kid”. However, he still goes on the adventure to Shell City to stop Mr.Krabs from being executed. He faced many obstacles in the way. At the end

  • My Hero

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    very popular and highly influential force in the pop culture world and became an icon. It touched the hearts of millions in more ways than one, from bringing either a slight chuckle or a huge impact on a person’s life. That show would be “SpongeBob SquarePants”, and that creator would be none other than Stephen Hillenburg. Stephen McDannell Hillenburg was born on August 21, 1961 at Fort Sill in Lawton, Oklahoma. He grew up in Anaheim, California, and was fascinated by sea life during his childhood

  • Spongebob And My Family

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    Patrick, telling SpongeBob it is easy being a fry cook, competes with SpongeBob in the games. They fight each other in a wrestling competition, where Mr. Krabs and Plankton try to convince their employees they are not really friends. In the end Patrick and SpongeBob become friends after they realize each of them has his underwear in the color of the other, and then they walk off into the sunset. The relationship between Patrick and SpongeBob is something I long for. Patrick and SpongeBob taught me the

  • Crewmembers Research Paper

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    Have you ever wrecked the world’s second largest cruise ship by accidentally setting it on fire, causing 8,500 people to evacuate in lifeboats right before it sank? Yeah, me neither. However, I did take for granted 2,384 crewmembers serving me for seven days straight while I caught a tan and gained a few hundred pounds by eating free food 24/7. Instead of being on an 18-deck cruise ship right now, I’m in class writing an essay of the time I was. Enjoy the memories you make because you can’t relive

  • Sheldon Plankton : A Short Story

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    Prologue They called me evil, a green-eyed monster, a waste upon the sea. They were right. Yes, I stole the crown, yes, I framed Krabs, and yes, I am still the victim. I know what you’re thinking: How? How can someone as amazing as I, Sheldon Plankton, do such a thing, commit such a crime? Well I can tell you, I mean of course I can. I am, as I said, Sheldon Plankton. The glorious Chum Bucket owner and operator, a genius, and scholar. Chapter One It all began on October 9, 2004. A sunny day in

  • Unusual Behavior In The Psychology Of Spongebob

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    all, Spongebob displays lots of unusual behavior which is a classification of abnormal psychology. Unusual behaviors are any uncommon behavior or mental processing. Unusual behaviors are behaviors that minorities. Spongebob exhibits unusual behavior because he lives in a pineapple under the sea. Nobody else in town lives in a pineapple because everybody else usually lives in metal buildings. Living in a pineapple is a minority in Bikini Bottom, thus making it an unusual behavior. Spongebob also

  • Stereotypes Of A Manly Person

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    However, those are all physical characteristics, which is only a percentage of being a man. A large portion of a man should be defined by his mentality and his actions. My best opinion of a man can only be defined by another Spongebob reference. In the Spongebob movie, Spongebob and Patrick take on a deathly journey for two reasons: to save Bikini Bottom, and to prove that they are men. These two animated characters perfectly describe the mentality of a man who is not afraid to stand up for what he

  • The Qualities Of A Hero In 'The SpongebobMovie'

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    Someone who has all the qualities of a hero is Spongebob. In his film “The Spongebob Movie” Stephen Hillenburg uses the character archetype “the hero” to show that we as humans need someone to lead us because when we face life’s biggest challenges we need someone to help us out. Spongebob makes many bold moves in the beginning of the movie. This shows us how Spongebob is a character who does anything he can to do what he believes is good. Spongebob says something in the beginning of the film that

  • Persuasive Essay About Courage

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    thinks SpongeBob Squarepants looks just like yellow cake and has kidnapped SpongeBob’s pet snail Gary! Unarmed, SpongeBob, the little yellow sponge of the sea, treks up a sea hill to the Bear’s cave. The Sea Bear greets SpongeBob with a loud ROAR. Unmoving with fright, he blinks three times and starts…tickling the bear. Remarkably, his tickle tactic is successful, and the bear rolls on the floor laughing. Seizing the moment, SpongeBob grabs Gary and runs away. In this scenario, SpongeBob is courageous

  • Spongebob Research Paper

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    Squidward Tentacles While SpongeBob is the embodiment of children and the rebellious brand Nickelodeon is trying to articulate to their young viewers, not every character in the show shares SpongeBob sense of adventure and fun as he does. Unlike SpongeBob, characters such as Mr. Krabs and Squidward oppose SpongeBob’s uniqueness and strengths. They do not understand SpongeBob, similar to how Nickelodeon is trying to brand the “us vs. them” rhetoric between children and adults. Nickelodeon wants children