The Streets

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  • The Code Of The Street

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    Everyone wants to be a part of the streets but not everyone has the heart, dedication, or strength to live the lifestyle. There is a law of ethics when running around in the streets. There are rules that one always has to follow in order to survive. There is no love when dealing with those that follow the code, ones heart has to be made coal because anything can happen and anything goes. Out there in the streets you are a family that continuously looks out for each other and let nothing separate

  • The Edge Of The Street

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    EDGE OF THE STREET Everlast Chain M ost people live a normal life, in a normal house, with a normal family, they have all the money, all the things a modern family would need for a boring life, well that’s not really the case for me, but, to much of my disappointment, it’s not much better either, in terms of a ‘house’ and a ‘family’, in life though, I’ve pretty much got everything I need. Let me explain. My name is Leo, and I live a sophisticated

  • Street Vending

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    influence people‘s choice of trading location. This paper analyses why street vendors despite the provision of formal market infrastructure still decide to trade from the streets. Theories of the informal economy were adopted to get insights into the issues of street vending. Based on survey results the study establishes that for street vendors accessibility of customers is a key consideration and they strategically locate on the streets to avoid formalisation costs such as rent, taxes and licences

  • The Street That Got Mislaid

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    Plot of the Short Story the Street that Got Mislaid 1. Exposition a.)Marc Girondin – the main character on the short story, who had worked in the filing section of the city hall's engineering department for so long that the city was laid out in his mind like a map, full of names and places, intersecting streets and streets that led nowhere, blind alleys and winding lanes. b.)Michael Flanagan- who lives at number four," she went on, "a most interesting man, who said that if miracles

  • Maggie : A Girl Of The Streets

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    In the Novel Maggie: A Girl of the Streets was a very dramatic story that contain lots of anger, abuse, emotional, and naïve scenes. This story took place in New York in the bad side of town where most of the kids spent their days in the streets or known to them as the rum ally. This story showed a lot of reality of everyday life of people living in poverty. It shows a great example of people’s decisions affecting their life’s. As seen in the story Maggie the main character her decisions impacted

  • Street Children

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    INTRODUCTION One of the miseries brought by the modern civilization is the situation of the street children. In the old times, and still now in some areas, children worked with their parents and reamed a lot of things from them; later, children looked after aged parents, and therefore much value was put on children, and there was strong bond of affection between parents and child. However, now it has changed. Parents go to work, and children do not go to work with them. Children only cost much

  • Street Arts : Street Art

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    culture to the streets of cities. It goes by many names, such as guerilla art, urban art, or neo-graffiti, but it is ultimately known as street art. Street art is now becoming a very prominent way for artists to show their opinions of the world and politics, and also gives the artist a public place to show their talent. It may not be a very old form of art, but art of its kind is beginning to be recognized around the world. There is a very large debate about whether certain kinds of street art may be

  • Street Art : Street Artist

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    good. Street art is a topic that falls under one of those situations. Many people associate street art with gangs, vandalism, violence, and other controversial topics. Being realistic, it is understandable why society may have this opinion of street art, but it also serves many other significant purposes. Street art can be used as a medium to voice political and social opinions of a community, and also spread awareness. Banksy, an anonymous street artist, is one of the most controversial street artist

  • Case Study On Streets Of Future

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    Streets of Future: A Case Study Of Delhi Cities today are constantly escalating in terms of number and size. As India is moving on the path of rapid and massive urbanisation, urban centres are also growing at a faster pace. Census 2011, positioned level of urbanization at 31.1% with number of urban residents at 377 million spread over more than 7500 urban settlements. The spatial growth of Delhi indicates tremendous rise in settlements. While the total population growth from 2001 to 2011 is 21%

  • Diagnosis And Troubleshooting Of Street Sweeper

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    equipment which is street sweeper. The main focus of my report is that I will be explaining about diagnosis and troubleshooting of street sweeper. With the help of my report, students will get a lot of knowledge about street sweeper problems and it’s solutions. Purpose The main objective or we can say the main aim of this report is to provide the ongoing issues which are happening these days on street sweeper affecting it’s efficiency and explaining the troubleshooting tips for street sweeper. Now a