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  • Texas Tribune Article Analysis

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    One of the biggest issues for the court system in Texas is the election of judges. It's clear that most of the public do not know the Texas court system well enough to know the positions they are voting for. Take a look at these articles and tell me what your thoughts are on the election of judges. In the article Texas Tribune article, “Analysis: Should We Take Judges Out Of The Fundraising Business?” the quote “It smells just fine in the civics textbooks, but in practice, it can carry a strong

  • Essay On Election For Office

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    Rijal 5 Aryan Rijal GOVT 2306 Professor Sharifian 02 November 2017 Cost to run for Office in Texas Running an office is not that easy and one who is running office must spend a lot of money for it. During the time of elections, one spends more money to get the votes. At the time of campaigns lots of money are spending to get one’s vote and get victory. Each vote counts important to candidate, so he/she spends as money as they can and want to get every possible vote in their favor. But spending a

  • Examples Of Election Campaign Election

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    Limbu 1 Limbu 7 Man Kala Limbu Sherry Sharifian GOVT-2306-71001 10/27/2017 Campaigning for the election I am running for the Texas Senate district 16 against my opponent Don Huffines who is Republican and extremely conservative. I have an ideology that matches with liberal democrat and I truly support equality and freedom. In this election; I am standing for providing quality education to the children and young people of my district, I am fighting against the poverty and also fighting for the property

  • Ike Dike : The Disaster And Natural Disasters

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    Many sources of social media have recently been covering the devastation that hurricane harvey has caused to Houston, Texas, and many of the surrounding areas. Kiah Collier and Neena Satija, writers for The Texas Tribune, use this non-profit media organization to discuss the importance of gaining funding so that the state could afford an “Ike Dike” that could potentially lessen the effects of future natural disasters, as well as a reservoir to help stop the massive flooding that usually comes with

  • Texas Tribune : Mexican American Studies Gone Wrong Essay

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    Texas Tribune: Mexican-American Studies Gone Wrong In today 's society there are a lot of issues in respect to what is occurring in regards the nationality and sentiments of other nationalities or even cultures in America. For instance, in Texas there was the issue where a new textbook would become active to High Schools and its students would learn, or the intent was for students to learn about the most predominant culture in South Texas… the mexican. Students would be taught this new course,

  • Argument Analysis Of Charles Schwertner Is A Texas Tribune Who Wrote `` Tuition Deregulation Is Failing Texas Students '

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    Argument Analysis paper Charles Schwertner is a Texas Tribune who wrote “Tuition deregulation is failing Texas students” in December, 11, 2014 and published in website. His main audience are Texas students. His argument presents the “broken system” of tuition and fees at public universities had left many students in debt. Students’ debt accumulated and surpassed credit card debt to be a second source of debt in our country. His argument does have some flaws, but overall it really

  • Essay On Running For Texas Senate

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    Running for Texas State Senate Texas is divided into many city, county, districts where a person, who is resident for at least 1 years and citizen of United States can run for the office. There are different offices like United State Representative, Railroad Commissioner, Texas Governor, Texas State Senate, District Judge and so on in Texas. To run for this kind of organization a person should spend a hundred of dollars to promote and other activities. A report from the Texas Tribune shows that Kenneth

  • Burial Of The Fetus Burial Analysis

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    abortion although, some allegations may not be true Texas decided to take action before anything like that happened in the state. As of 2017, Texas is passing laws to require women who have abortions to have their unborn child buried or cremated. The state of Texas being predominantly Republican is overall against the idea of abortions therefore, they believe that the aborted tissues of the

  • Texas Voter Turnout Efforts Analysis

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    Criticism Of Texas Voter Turnout Efforts By Jamie Lovegrove Texas Tribune • Mar 14, 2016 ShareTwitter Facebook Google+ Email Texas Gov. Greg Abbott at a press conference on Monday dismissed President Obama's criticisms of the state's efforts to improve voter turnout, arguing that the state must crack down on "rampant" voter fraud. Jamie Lovegrove / Texas Tribune Texas Gov. Greg Abbott repudiated President Barack Obama’s recent criticisms of the state’s voter laws on Monday, arguing that Texas must remain

  • Essay On Need Of Office In Texas

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    Lama1 Neeru lama Govt 2306 Sherry sharifian 10/27/2017 The most important things that needs to run the office in Texas is fund. Without fund it is impossible to mobilize other resources. Fund for office is fundamental. 1 According to Chris Essig, “The amount a candidate spends per vote is based on three variables: how much a candidate fundraises, how much a candidate spends and, most importantly, how many votes a candidate receives” which means fund is the primary necessity that any office needs