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  • Token Economies In Special Education

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    homework completion rates of students with learning disabilities is a top priority of the special education department. Token economy systems are commonly used within the classroom for on-task behavior promotion. Based on past studies using token economies within the classroom, I believe that there will be a correlation between homework completion and motivation through the use of a token economy. Introduction: A major concern in special education is the on going low rate of homework completion. “Homework

  • The Functions of RSA SecurID Tokens and the Impacts of their Breach

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    attack happened to the security company RSA when their SecurID tokens were compromised. This paper will examine how RSA SecurID token technology works, how the RSA company network was breached, what information was stolen, and the impacts that resulted from the initial attack. RSA is a security division, which specializes in computer and network security, of the parent company known as EMC. The company is most known for their SecurID tokens which are used in two-factor authentication systems for various

  • Token Economy: Teacher's Use of Positive Reinforcement in Schools

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    A token economy is an intensive, in-class positive reinforcement program for building up and maintaining appropriate classroom performance and behavior. A token program may be needed when other positive reinforcement programs, such as selective use of teacher attention or a home-based reinforcement program. In many different education settings a material reward program can be conveniently managed through a token reinforcement program. Token programs involve the distribution of physical tokens (for

  • General Structure Of The Token Based Mobile Pay

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    structure of the token based mobile pay. Users should register their card details at first. These personal account number will be sent to the issuing bank first, the bank will provide the tokenization service and send the token back to the devices. The devices will store these tokens and encrypt it for security. Later, if user wants to do a transaction, at the POS reader part, it will use the NFC technique to read information first. And then, the tokens will be sent to the token server to verify

  • Use Of A Token Economy Increase Running On Command Of A Child With Down Syndrome

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    Use of a Token Economy to Increase Running on Command Of a Child with Down syndrome Brooke R. Mize Texas Woman’s University Abstract: Children with Down syndrome typically have increased behavioral issues associated with their disability due to the disabilities’ phenotype. Introducing a token economy system was proven effective to increase the amount of running in the subject. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of a token economy to increase running on command

  • How Token Economies Increase The Latency Of A Gifted Child Getting Off Their Computer

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    Token economies have been used successfully to reduce the latency of responding to instructions; Buisson, Murdock, Reynolds and Cronin (1995) used a token economy to decrease the response latency for completing headings within a set time limit in hearing impaired children and Fjellstedt and Sulzer-Azároff (1973) used a token system to reduce latency of a student who did not follow directions in a given time limit. The children received tokens, which were paired to back up reinforcers contingent

  • Token Economies Have A Long History Of Being Identified As Evidence Based Practice

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    Token economies have a long history of being identified as evidence based practice (Simonsen, Fairbanks, Briesch, Myers, & Sugai, 2008). Through the use of positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement, token economies function to manage student behaviors. Such economies are widely used in classrooms, especially in special education classrooms that tend to have students with more severe behavior problems. According to Cooper, Heron, and Heward (2007) significant research has demonstrated the

  • Why Token Reinforcement Can Increase The Rate Of Sight Word Acquisition Within Students With A Learning Disability

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    The study published by DeVries and Feldman in 1983, showed that token reinforcement can increase the rate of sight word acquisition within students with a learning disability in a resource room setting. The study was comprised of two participants, a nine year old boy with directionality and perceptual difficulties and an eleven year old boy with auditory figure ground discrimination. Both participants were two years below grade level in word recognition, had a diagnosis of a learning disability

  • Token Loss Method

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    is token economy. Previous findings suggested a benefit in applying the method to increase desirable behavior alongside decreasing problem ones. Specifically, token can either be given – earn – or taken away – loss. Interestingly, these conditions parallel the application of positive reinforcement and negative punishment, where one is given a token for performing a target behavior, and loses the token when they fail to do so. Past studies have compared the effect of applying either the token earn

  • Development Of Rad Tokens

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    ICO We are planning a token sale event (ICO) in the size up to $50m to facilitate the development of our p2p lending platform and a line of credit products. What is RAD token? RAD token is issued to fund the development of RAD Lending Platform and a family of credit products built on it. RAD Lending platform is based on a concept of peer-to-peer (p2p) lending with credit products secured by borrower’s crypto assets. • A family of credit products will start with: • RAD credit card with grace period