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  • Western And Western Saddles

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    there are two distinctive styles of riding - English and Western. There are both similarities and differences between the two types of riding. Regardless of the style of riding people participate in or favor, each world of riding opens up various activities for the rider to enjoy. The most obvious difference between English and Western riding is the tack itself. Most people associate Western riding with cowboys and herding cattle. The Western saddle is a larger, heavier saddle with a horn in the front

  • The Westerns Of The 1930's

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    Western began in the late eighteen hundreds when a movie was about 10 minutes long. They started getting popular in Hollywood from the early 20th century to the 1960s. John Ford landmark western adventure Stagecoach became one of the biggest hits in 1939. Many of the most acclaimed westerns were released during the 1952-1956. Westerns themes have evolved overtime beginning in the silent era, the western captured movie-goers’ imaginations. Quick drawing, white hat good guys battled the mustachioed

  • Western Techniques In The Searchers

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    and contrasts The Searchers to the concept of ‘the stereotypical Western film’, the film would most certainly have shaped the mould for what the stereotypical western was to become. Being one of the largest early Western films to release, the film’s once relatively unique storyline and thematic content have become subject to being replicated in more recent Western films. Therefore, when comparing the film to the now conventional Western, it should serve moreso as a critique of the unoriginality of those

  • Western Development Of Western Civilization

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    and technology developed over time. The West is where the origins of civilization started, and what humans did during their time period. The Western history biggest impact was by old ancient history, and how society got here today. The greatest philosophers, traditions, different ethnicities, and religion played an important part in the shaping of Western civilization. The origins began at the period of the Mesopotamian era, through the times of the Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans, and how each civilization


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    THE FORGOTTEN HISTORY OF THE WESTERN CINEMA The western movies are film genre where the scene generally takes place in North America during the American conquest of the West in the last decades of the nineteenth century. This genre appears since the invention of the cinema in 1985 finding its inspiration from literature and painting arts of the American Wild West. This genre reached its first success in the mid-twentieth century during the golden age of Hollywood studios, before it had being reinvented

  • Essay about The Western Formula

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    A seemingly traditional approach towards the Western frontier is the reason for John Cawelti's assessment from The Six-Gun Mystique. His description of the Western formula being 'far easier to define than that of the detective story'; may clearly be a paradigm for many authors, but not particularly for Stephen Crane. The standards Cawelti has set forth for a successful Western is quite minimal by thought, but at the same time relevant. Crane signifies a different perspective to these standards. Crane's

  • John Ford Impact On Westerns

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    was the academy winning Western legend, recognized as one of the best filmmakers of all time, his name was John Ford. He started out his career in film in July 1914 as an assistant, labourman and actor for his brother Francis Ford. It was not until 1917 where he made his debut as a director with the lost film, The Tornado and ended his career in the early 1970s with his last film Chesty: A Tribute to a Legend. During his early years, he was making silent films where Westerns were very popular during

  • A Western Hero in Shane Essay

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    A Western Hero in Shane The western genre plays an important part in the mythologising of American history. The way the western genre and particularly the western hero are put across in such films as Shane, are most likely not how real life in the 1880s was. In Shane the hero arrived on horseback, he was confident, handsome and managed to charm the female character, Marion, almost immediately. Typically, throughout the film the mysterious gunslinger was wearing

  • Women in the Western Genre Essay

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    Ever since the early 20th century, there had been several attempts and experimentation in creating a new genre of cinema known as the Western. The first well-known Western movie The Great Train Robbery (1903), while not necessarily being the first ever Western, it is by both film historians and theorists definitely considered the pinnacle of the genre, that got it all started and that would be the first step in creating others similar to it, but also very different. Because it was still an unknown

  • Essay on Heroes in Western Film

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    Heroes in Western Film In the genre of western films, the hero plays a key role. Humanity portrays civilization overcoming the hostile country (Miller 66). In many films the American civil war is over, and people have turned their attention to more constructive pursuits. Battling nature to progress America's future, rather than each other. In between this wild country, fraught with danger and corruption lies the role of the hero. A hero is an individual with exceptional skills and through his