Theobroma cacao

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  • Benefits Of Theobroma Cacao

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    Can Cacao be the greatest medicinal food on the Earth? This is the profound natural remedy that scientists toil to discover and the food that could be noted with Hypocrite words - "Let food be thy medicine". With specific bitter taste, smell and dark brown color - Cocoa. Is it one of the healthiest substances, which we can consume? One miracle from nature with the well-known common name Cocoa, and its botanical name - Theobroma cacao, which means "food of the Gods", is a great food that many people

  • Essay on The Food of the Gods

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    was believed that the Mexican god Quetzalcoatl left the cocoa tree for the people. The Aztec emperor Montezuma is reported to have consumed 50 goblets of chocolate a day. It is called "the food of the gods," literally, as a translation of Theobroma Cacao, the cacao bean. (1). Such a title must imply that chocolate has some naturally occurring superior quality. Why else would we crave it so much more than other foods? For many people, nothing can take the place of chocolate when a craving hits. Chocolate

  • Who Does Not Like Chocolate?

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    Who does not like Chocolate? Considering that us Americans are the biggest consumers of chocolate in the world, we just cannot get enough of it. We devour the most chocolate on our national holidays such as Halloween, Easter and Valentine’s day, but have you ever wondered where in the world does all this chocolate come from? The main ingredient for making chocolate is cocoa and it does not come sugar coated. Cocoa is can be good but in some many ways it can be harmful because, our purchase of cocoa

  • Persuasive Essay On Chocolate

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    Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into the production of the Hershey’s chocolate bar you love so much? Turns out, it’s a lot more complicated than you might think. Today, the coastal African country, Côte d’Ivoire, supplies most of the world’s chocolate. Cocoa trees can only be grown in certain parts of the world where it is warm and humid. Côte d’Ivoire is the perfect place for cocoa tree growth, but their past two civil wars have stunted the chocolate industry and created a gap in the growth

  • Chocolate And Chocolate: The Different Gifts Of Chocolate

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    the production of it begins where the hot and humid climate is well for growing it. Moreover, growing cocoa is hard manual work and very labour intensive, as caring for and harvesting the beans requires close and continuous attention. Harvesting the cacao pods is still done by hand ripe pods are gathered every few weeks during the peak season. In fact, the high pods are cut with large knives attached to poles, taking care not to damage nearby flowers and buds. The pods are collected in large baskets

  • Persuasive Essay: The Dark Side Of Chocolate

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    COL 145 - 019 Amna Mohamed Khalfan AlHameli - 201502914 Persuasive Essay : The Dark Side of Chocolate. As you peel back the wrapper, you are revealing the cacao tree seed and joining the world’s individuals once again who have turned the chocolate into ritual, medicine and mere pleasure of all time for the past 4,000 years (National Confectioners Association, n.d.) . The chocolate is considered as a treat so admired worldwide from a long time ago and no one would dare to raise

  • The Dark Side Of Chocolate

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    “The Dark Side of Chocolate” is a documentary that explores the underlying issues prevalent in the cocoa trade. For most first world countries chocolate is seen as an accessible treat, however in third world countries, the production of cocoa creates social issues that must be eliminated. Cocoa trade is one of the largest industries in West African countries, but the issues that arise from such trade do more harm than good. The cocoa plantations are trafficking humans to work on their plantations

  • Cocoa Production in West Africa

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    By Darren Francis 10/22/2010 Cocoa Production in West Africa This map shows the main cocoa production areas in West Africa. The patterns shows on this map indicate that the Southern coastline of West Africa is a major cocoa bean producing area. The pattern starts at Sierra Leone and follows the coastline down to Cameroon. Some exception to this pattern is in Nigeria, in the area of Port Harcourt there is no production and in Benin there is also no production. The brighter orange as indicated

  • The Decline Of Chocolate Industry

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    The Broken Dream: The Decline of the Chocolate Industry in Ghana Chocolate, as one of the most popular sweets around the world, not only satisfies people’s taste, but also provides a means of living for many countries. Ghana is an African country that lived upon its cocoa industry. Cocoa tree was introduced to the Ghana accidentally by a man named Tetteh Quarshie after his trip to Spain in the late nineteenth century (Off 96-97). Because of the increasing international demand for chocolate, the

  • Theobromine Research Paper

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    Although discovered by A. Woskresensky in 1841, and synthesized by E. Fischer in 1882, theobromine can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as the Aztecs. With seven carbon, eight hydrogen, four nitrogen, and two oxygen atoms, theobromine’s chemical formula is C7H8N4O2, and can be found in the beans of the cocoa plant, tea leaves, or kola nuts. From the hulls of the cocoa beans, theobromine can be extracted, coming out to be a white powder. The largest supply of these cocoa beans, more than