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  • What Stromer Named Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus ( Mueller 2014 )

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    bombed Munich, the museum and the remains of S.aegyptiacus were destroyed. The only things that remained of S.aegyptiacus were some field notes, photographs and drawings. S.aegyptiacus belonged to the clade Dinosauria, the order Saurischia, suborder theropoda and the family spinosauridae. The closest known relative of S.aegyptiacus is Baryonyx walkeri which belongs to the subfamily Baryonychinae (Buffetaut and Ouaja 2002). Most fossil specimens of S.aegyptiacus have been found in the Sahara desert in

  • Hypotheses On the Origin of Birds Essay

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    Hypotheses On the Origin of Birds Since the advent of the theory of evolution the origin of birds has been a thriving topic in science. Many ideas and hypotheses have been presented, but only two stand today: that birds are descendents of ancient thecodont stem reptiles, and that birds are the direct descendents of a group of dinosaurs known as the coelurosaurs. Both hypotheses pose many interesting and insightful ideas based on information obtained from the fossil record. There is not enough

  • Similarities Between Birds And Crocodiles

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    Topic: A Comparative Study of the Anatomical and Behavioral Similarities in Chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) and American Crocodiles (Crocodylus acutus) Solace Mills PID: 4572168 Section U13 TA: Eduardo Gonzalez Introduction Studies have proven common ancestry between birds and crocodiles; they are classified in the same monophyletic clade, Archosauria. Archosaurs are group of diapsid amniotes. Furthermore, a genetic link has been established between birds and crocodiles. (Feduccia

  • Advancements Of Modern Technology : Ct And Mri

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    Advancements in Modern Paleontology Kevin Martin INTRODUCTION   TECHNOLOGY CT & MRI Advancements in Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging have allowed a vast amount of research to be conducted on the fossilized remains of prehistoric creatures. In one area it has allowed the detailed study of the bone structure of these animals and how soft tissue connects to the bone. This process was carried out by studying the anatomy and bone structure of modern animals and comparing the unique

  • Advancements Of Modern Paleontology : A Research Term Paper

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    Advancements in Modern Paleontology A Research Term Paper by Kevin S. Martin Submitted to Dr. Douglas Spence in partial fulfillment of the requirements for NTSC 4311. History and Philosophy of Science November 20, 2014   ABSTRACT Advancements in Modern Paleontology Kevin S. Martin The scope of this research is to discuss the advancements in modern paleontology, more directly the advancements that have occurred in the last sixty years. These topics include advancements in computed tomography and