Things to Come

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  • Personal Reflection In Communication

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    conflict resolution. When it comes to conflict resolution I would like to think that I fit a few categories rather than just one in particular. I mean, I soon will be teaching communications, so I would hope I am somewhat versatile at least. I know for certain that I don’t avoid conflict, and I can be extremely head strong and vocal. In my life, it has proven to be both a blessing and a curse. My concern with my inability to avoid a situation is that I might come off too strong. I have been

  • Reflection Paper

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    This past year has been a learning experience that has led me to where I am today, attending Citrus. I graduated from Glendora High School in May of two-thousand sixteen with the intention of moving away to school and attending the University of Arizona; however, within the week post-graduation I decided it would be in my best interest to take some time away from the books. I love education and every ounce of learning. My school work, grades, and attendance have always been a top priority, but I

  • How One Fulfills A Dream?

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    chooses to enlighten the reader on her view of dreams, an abstract concept that has no tangible outcome. In the opening paragraph, she compares a dream to a ship on a horizon, and states, “Ships at a distance have every man’s wish on board. For some they come in with the tide. For others they sail forever on the horizon, never out of sight, never landing until the Watcher turns his eyes away in resignation, his dreams mocked to death by Time” (1). Capitalizing “Watcher” and “Time” gives the two words emphasis

  • Odds Against Tomorrow Character Analysis

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    As each day passes, the events that we encounter enters through each and everyone of our minds and becomes an assimilation of experiences. Over a long period of time one's past experiences come to affect how they see newer ones. As each and every experience fills our minds, it creates an expectation or order in which our judgment causes us to assume or create reason for the future to become a certain way. This process can be viewed as perspective, perspective influences your actions, emotions, it

  • My Personal Experience : My Experience Of College

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    The semester has been able to turn on a more positive outlook, I feel every semester that you are going to have of college, a part of you always matures. Think of yourself being a plant or a tree that only grows and grows—your branches, leaves, roots, so much rooting indeed. This semester, even though my mental health has not been at its best, I have been able to cope through the help of my closest friends by talking about it. I realized this semester that speaking about your problems always helps

  • My Personal Experience : My Experience In My Life

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    mountain, or a nearby experience with nature, even a brush with some crazy fiasco, conveying the individual to the doorstep of death. A great many people cite fantastic occasion that is one of a kind to them and catches the wind of how that something has come to significantly affect their lives, changing the way they see life and see it. You won't observe my story to be anything fantastic, but rather for me, it has been the one most uniquely astonishing occasion of my life. It was the day that I met my

  • Huppert's Things To Come

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    “Things to Come” is a pungent drama that links together Mia Hansen-Love and Isabelle Huppert, acclaimed French director and actress, respectively. Last year, the latter was the protagonist in Paul Verhoeven’s “Elle”, receiving well-deserved accolades around the world for her brilliant performance. This year, one can only expect to hear wonders about her acting skills since she reteamed up with directors Hong Sang-soo in “Claire’s Camera” and Michael Haneke in “Happy End”. Huppert excels once again

  • Where Things Come Back

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    Due to the book Where Things Come Back, my intellectual response is that this story allows people to be aware of the fact that family is everything, you would most likely be nowhere without your family. After reading the book, my emotional response to this story is it’s very heart wrenching and contains a hopeful mood/tone. Furthermore, my linguistic response is that you would have to actually read the book for yourself to get the whole experience--especially the reactions of the characters due to

  • Metaphor In Where Things Come Back

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    Where Things Come Back is an odd tale about the way loss can affect people. A young man by the name of Cullen Witter begins his senior year of highschool in the small static town of Lilly Arkansas. The town becomes infatuated with the supposed return of the long lost Lazarus Woodpecker. Cullen’s summer before his senior year of high school, he first experiences loss in the form of death. His cousin Oslo passed away due to drug abuse. His second loss is that of his brother, Gabriel Witter, who suddenly

  • Some Things To Be Aware When It Comes To Dealing With The

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    Some Things To Be Aware When It Comes To Dealing With The Homeless When people think of being homeless in Las Vegas, images of dirty ‘bums’ scattered on the streets ravaging for food in garbage cans and begging for money comes up. The grimness and stench of trash from these people fills the air and causes everyone to hold their noses because of the outdoor sweaty smells that normally accompanies them. Of course, not all homeless people are like this because there are many who keep themselves well-groomed