Third Pandemic

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  • What Is The Bubonic Plague?

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    proteobacterial, the pathogen Yersinia pestis is responsible for causing the bubonic plague as well as pneumonic and specticemic, Yersinia pathogen is a gram negative, rod shaped and non-spore forming bacteria. The bubonic plague is the most devastating pandemic in human history it has estimated to kill approximately 75 to 200 million people. It was originally from China to England through traders, it reached England in June 1348 and started

  • Why Rats Decline

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    Consequently, if rats disappear, it will lead to a rush of numbers of small critters and bugs. And they rely on the grains and plants as food. So, it will eventually cause an increase in the pest population even though a rat is also considered a pest according to source one. rats are an important part of the food chain which is the basic key to survival. According to source one, it states that it takes the role of a prey animal when it is eaten by secondary carnivores like cats or snakes so if it

  • The Spread Of The Black Plague In England

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    In the years preceding the plague, England was under the reign of King Edward the lll, a young man who was eager to make a name for himself. King Edward initiated what we would later call the Hundred Year War against France in 1337. Interrupted by the catastrophic break out of The Black Death, the war was on hold. The plague developed in Eastern Asia and spread through Mongolian traders and went beyond into Europe. The plague reached Europe on a Genoese ship docking in Sicily and in the year 1347

  • Ship Rat Research Paper

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    When your houseboat is invaded by ship rats, it’s fun to refer to the rodents using pirate lingo. Unfortunately, that’s where the fun ends. When ship rats stow away on your boat, they put the safety of everyone on board at risk. Here are three reasons to send those no-good ship rats sailing away today. 1. Ship Rats Give a Whole New Meaning to the Term “Sea Sick” Nausea, dizziness, vomiting — the symptoms of seasickness are dreadful. Floating around on a boat while throwing up is never fun. Fortunately

  • Yersinia Pestis Research Paper

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    Yertinsa pestis, or Black death was one of the worst natural disasters in history. It killed a worldwide count of 155-220 million people. It is believed to have been one of the first cases of biological warfare when the Mongols catapulted the dead bodies infected with Yersinia Pestis over the city walls, into the city of Caffa, Crimea, an area which they were at war with.. Yersinia pestis started in Asia The bubonic plague was spread by fleas that attached themselves onto rats which spread through

  • Rats Impact On England

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    What had the greatest impact on England – Rats or Rebels? Mikail Anser 7F Rats were the cause of a disease called ‘The black death’ also known as the bubonic plague, this disease killed over 1,500,000 people in England, this shows that they were a major issue due to the infectious diseases they carried (killing many people). It was also stated that even gravediggers died as for this infection. A reason that this was a big concern was because during the 14r​h ​century, people didn’t have good medical

  • Kirt Cornelius Quiring: The Plague Of Death

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    Kirt Cornelius quiring was born in Saskatchewan Canada. In a small Mennonite colony. He had 3 beloved sisters named Anna Helda and Tina. At this time there was a large plague spreading through Canada and through the upper Midwest states in America. During this plague, it was averaged that every one in three people died and if it was a household of 5 or more, it was almost guaranteed that there would be at least one death and probably more to follow. In his family there was his mom, dad, his three

  • Bubonic Plague: Symptoms Of The Black Death

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    Davy, Emma. "Bubonic blunder?." Current Science. 11 Oct. 2002: 6. eLibrary. Web. 10 Dec. 2015. This magazine article explained some of the assumed causes of the Black Death. The question I was looking to answer was "What are the symptoms of the Black Death?" One of the largest symptoms was large bumps all over the body. The lumps were said to be buboes-dark swollen lymph glans. They are the key symptom of bubonic plague. The cause was said to be due to black rats

  • Nipah Virus Infections

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    An ‘emerging’ disease is one that is speedily increasing in frequency or distribution. This expression not only circumscribes the diseases corresponding with previously unknown agents, but additional known diseases that are ‘re-emerging’, as well. What is it that provokes disease emergence? Epidemiological principles profess that disease is multi-factorial. That is, in inclusion to the existence of the infectious agent, additional factors, such as the agent, host, and/or the environment are all generally

  • Essay On Bubonic Plague

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    Many people oftenly know about the nursery rhyme Ring Around the Rosie , but what most people don't know is that is directly related to the Bubonic Plague and the sudden death of around 43 thousand people. Each line of the famed nursery rhyme is referring to the transmission, living condition, and approximately how many died during the height of the infection (Berry). One can infer from the popular nursery rhyme that the Bubonic Plague is anything but Sunshine and Posies. The Bubonic/Black plague