Threshold voltage

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    various device parameters like strain (concentration of Ge in SiGe substrate), gate length, S/D junction depths, substrate (body) doping, strained silicon thin-film thickness and gate work function on the threshold voltage of strained-Si on Si1-xGexMOSFET. There is a significant drop in threshold voltage with increasing strain in relaxed Si1-xGex substrate and decreasing channel length. The increase in mole fraction of Ge, enhances the performance of MOSFETs in terms of transconductance and speed because

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Near Threshold Voltage Circuit

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    Near-Threshold Voltage (NTV) Circuits –Design, Future Opportunities and Challenges  Abstract — Using Moore’s law, we will continue to get abundant transistors which only will be limited by the amount of energy consumed. Energy efficiency can be improved to many orders of magnitude with the help of Near Threshold Voltage (NTV). There are various Design techniques required for reliable operation on a wide range of input voltage – from very low to sub threshold region. Coming to the systems designed

  • Description Of 3-D Finfet Systems

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    at (IOFF = 30 pA/μm). The Table II provides an overview of the important performance parameters for the given FinFET devices which have been optimized. Using the constant current criterion of 100 nA×(Weff/Lgate), the threshold voltage, Vt, has been used. For operating voltage VDD = 0.80 V (consistent with ITRS 2013 specifications for the 7/8-nm low-power technology node [6]), SSR FinFET provides for 3.6% and 3.8% improvement in Id,sat for nFETs and pFETs, respectively. The benefit of higher carrier

  • A Novel Design Of A Double Tail Comparator

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    Using the inverter based differential amplifier to design a novel double tail comparator for reducing the no of transistors and better characteristics. The performance of this method is to be analyzed with the existing two designs at different power voltages and frequencies using 0.18μm CMOS Technology. Key words: Double-tail comparator, dynamic clocked comparator, high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), low-power analog design, inverter op-amp. 1. INTRODUCTION Comparators also known as single

  • Analysis Of Stanley Milgram 's ' Behavioral Study Of Obedience '

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    With each incorrect answer, the voltage of the electric shock would increase, beginning at a voltage of 15 volts to a deadly voltage of 450 volts. However, the experiment was most definitely rigged. The learners were hired actors used as part of the experiment to determine whether the teacher (one of the 40 male participants) would

  • Description Of The Hpge Gamma Ray Spectrometer

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    ) Description of the HPGe gamma-ray spectrometer A high resolution gamma detection system was used for gamma analysis. This system consist of an ORTEC hyper pure germanium detector (HPGe), model number GEM- 15190, coaxial type detector with a serial number 27-P-1876A recommended operating bias, negative 3 Kv. The detector used has crystal diameter 49.3 mm, and crystal length 47.1 mm. The HPGe detector has a full width at half maximum (FWHM) 0.9 keV at the 122 keV gamma transition of Co-57 and 1.9

  • Senion Project for Producing Electronics Part Essay

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    Future Expansion: This project could also include a multimeter and curve tracer. It could also be improved by having a higher voltage and a better regulated power supply. The function generator could also have higher bandwidth and frequency. Cost: Estimated total cost is $316. Introduction: When we visualized our senior project, we decided that engineering and electronic

  • Current and Resistance of a Wire and the Affects When the Length Changes

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    resistance. The current is the flow of electrons; the current is dependent on the amount of voltage, which is applied. Voltage is the push given to the current. The current has to go through a circuit, which contains resistance so if you increase that push you also increase the flow of the current. All materials have a slight resistance to electricity factors affecting the resistance are: Length, Voltage & Temperature and Surface Area Length The diagram shows the happenings of

  • Design Of A Standby Generator

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    SCHOOL OF ELECTRICAL and ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Electrical Services Engineering Program Code: DT083 YEAR 4 Module: Electrical Plant 2 Lecturer: Thomas Woolmington Student Name Karl Kidd Student Number D02127276 Class Group A Assignment 1 Assignment title: Design of a Standby Generator Date issued 12/2/16 Due by Date returned DECLARATION I hereby certify that the material, which is submitted in this assignment/project

  • Domestic Ring Main Circuit ( Ac )

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    circuit | electrical circuits | mains wiring. Available at: (Accessed: 1 November 2016). Nature of AC voltage and AC current An alternating current (AC) will describe how the charges of electricity is able to travel in either direction when it is necessarily needed. This alteration changes the voltages and causes it to go back in reverse in the way the current does. - Contributors (no date) Alternating current (AC) vs. Direct current (DC). Available