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  • Through The Tunnel

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    novels and won a Nobel Prize in Literature. In Lessing’s short story “Through the Tunnel,” the main character Jerry faces the challenge of swimming through a long underwater passage. A close examination of the story shows dark objects represent setbacks while the light represents achievement. Thus, the initial darkness of the tunnel’s appearance, the luminous color of the ocean, and the changing of light during Jerry’s passage through

  • Theme Of Through The Tunnel

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    The transition from childhood to adolescence is a difficult process with many obstacles. In Doris Lessing’s short story, “Through the Tunnel”, this idea is expressed when Jerry decides to leave the safe beach and play in the rocky bay. He strives to be like the older boys, but he can only do that when he matures enough. In Doris Lessing’s “Through the Tunnel,” the author demonstrates the many obstacles present in going from childhood to adolescence using symbolism and imagery. The safe beach symbolizes

  • Through The Tunnel Analysis

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    “Through the Tunnel”, written in the early 50’s by Doris Lessing, is a short story filled with literary devices that create a coming of age story. On the surface, the story is about a boy named Jerry, an eleven-year-old boy, who is being raised by his widowed mother. They are on vacation on a beach at their usual annual spot. Jerry is faced with a challenge he desperately wants to overcome, by any means necessary. Doris Lessing uses symbolism and bildungsroman to portray the theme of coming of age

  • Analysis Of The Short Story 'Through The Tunnel'

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    rocks down there,’’ (Lessing 1). During the short story, “Through the Tunnel,” Lessing shows that Jerry has an interest in breaking away from his mother early on in the story. He shows a passion for wanting to go to the wild bay, instead of staying with his mother at the safe beach for their vacation. Jerry’s transformation from boy to a young man is revealed in the settings of the safe beach, wild bay, and the journey through the tunnel. Since a young age, Jerry has always gone to the safe beach

  • Through The Tunnel Short Story

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    they want to do. Achieving goals take sacrifice, commitment, and overcoming obstacles on the path. The short story, “Through the Tunnel” by Doris Lessing is about achieving a goal. A single mother and her child, Jerry, are on vacation at a beach. Jerry meets some local boys and watch them swim underwater for a long time. Jerry decides to set a goal and swim through the underwater tunnel. Lessing's characterization of Jerry shows that to achieve a goal, one must prepare, practice, and sacrifice. Characterization

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    In the short story “Through the Tunnel” by Doris Lessing a young boy named Jerry takes on the risky challenge of swimming through a narrow and long underwater tunnel on his holiday at the beach. It is an interesting story with a variety of remarkable characters. In the story, Jerry is on holiday at the beach with his mother, when he sees a group of older men diving through an underwater tunnel. This fascinates him so he starts practicing to hold his breath and dive until he can be like them. When

  • Analysis Of 'Through The Tunnel' By Doris Lessing

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    In Doris Lessing’s “Through the Tunnel”, Lessing uses imagery in order to show the audience that the transition from childhood to adulthood is a quest in itself. Lessing reveals that Jerry’s quest isn’t just to swim at the bay, but is to become a man by suggesting that swimming through the tunnel represents manhood and to become like the boys at the bay who Jerry idolizes as being men. It is evident that Lessing incorporates explicit overtones into her writing because in the text “It’s All About

  • Analysis Of Through The Tunnel By Doris Lessing

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    “He was at the end of what he could do… he feebly clutched at the rocks in the dark, pulling himself forward, leaving the brief space of sunlit water behind. He felt he was dying. He was no longer conscious” (Lessing 5). “Through the Tunnel,” written by Doris Lessing, follows the summer of a young eleven-year-old English boy named Jerry. For many years, Jerry and his mother visited this beach, getting to know many of the other families there. One year, however, Jerry had begun to lose interest

  • What Is The Theme Of Through The Tunnel By Doris Lessing

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    “Through the Tunnel” It is widely known that through childhood and adolescence growing up is not only inevitable but also difficult. In the short story “Through the tunnel” the author, Doris Lessing shows this through the main character, Jerry, and his journey in becoming more independent from his mother. Although the journey was difficult in the end, Jerry has matured as a person and does not need his mother to constantly be with him; but she becomes a place where he knows that he is safe. In

  • Critical Analysis Of Doris Lessing's 'Through The Tunnel'

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    1955, she wrote the short story, “Through the Tunnel,” which is one of her famous stories. At “the crowded beach” (Lessing 1), Jerry, the young English boy, and his widowed mother take a holiday. They have enjoyed their holidays on the beach for many years, but this year, he is interested in “a wild and rocky bay” (Lessing 1) near the beach and goes there for the first time. He encounters some boys who seem to be older than him there. They go through a long tunnel underwater with breath lasting long