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  • Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Essay

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    Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar      Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar was born in Rome on November 16, 42 BC. Four years after his birth his mother divorced his father and married Octavian. Tiberius was a descendant of the Claudian family who moved to Rome shortly after the foundation of the city. The Claudians did not respect others who were not of noble ancestry.      After Tiberius was four he was raised to be a loyal servant of Augustus. Tiberius

  • Analysis Of Augustus Of Prima Porta

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    This statue is approximately 2 meters tall, made of marble, and depicts Augustus Caesar of Ancient Rome. The statue is estimated to have been made in the first century AD, and is possibly a replica of an original bronze version of the statue. The artwork was lost for centuries, and the original artist is unknown and may never be determined. It is theorized that the artwork was commissioned by Roman emperor Tiberius (42 BCE-37 AD) to give to his mother as a gift. The statue is currently located in

  • Julio-Juliusrdan Emperors : Civil Government And Military Challenges Of The Julio-Claudian Emperors

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    civil government and military concerns Each Emperor, was required to encompass in his rulings the dealings with the elite, that is senators, wealthy citizens and equites, and with the populace, inside the city of Rome and in the provinces. Julius Caesar assassination was an example how dangerous is when the individual act in a manner of above all, as rex or dictator, he eventually turns the part of people against himself. On other side, Augustus, did the wise move to enclose all around himself and

  • The Bad Emperors of Rome Essay

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    Caring, respectable, valued and honoured are all traits desirable of an emperor. Augustus encompassed all of these and went as far as restoring the Republican government from its once fallen state, but this was all forgotten when Tiberius became emperor. Tiberius was corrupt by power and Rome began to live in an era of destruction. As well, the subsequent emperors, Caligula and Nero followed in the same path, portraying violence and negatively impacting the city of Rome. Their reign caused them

  • Comparing Suetonius And Tacitus

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    The accounts of emperor Tiberius’ reign by both Suetonius and Tacitus have qualities that serve to show how differing authors viewed Tiberius in various flattering and unappealing ways by their personal reasoning and desire to preserve truth as much as possible in scope of their respective intentions to provide scholars with treatments of him that give a through picture of his traits, strengths and weaknesses. Overall, by examining both accounts of Tiberius’ reign, readers are able to form independent

  • Caligula Personality

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    With an original name of Gaius Julius Caesar, Caligula was born on the 31st of August in the year of A.D. 12. As an infant, he was escorted by his father Germanicus, a military Roman general, in military campaigns. Because of his legionary clothing with small boots in his accompaniment, he was nicknamed "Caligula", which means "little boot". On August 19, A.D. 14, Augustus, the current Roman emperor, passed away. However, before his death, he ordered Tiberius, his stepson, to adopt Germanicus and

  • Corrupted Imperial Rome

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    dynasties ruled after the assassination of Julius Caesar. He was thought to be a conspirator of corruption, but his death was to promote corruption. Among the leaders of Rome, corruption was widespread. Augustus was one of many leaders that supported corruption. Julius Caesar was executed for supporting corruption. Coincidentally, Julius Caesar’s successors were more corrupted than he supposedly was. The reason why Julius was killed was because Julius Caesar was for not doing his actions in secrecy and

  • Ancient Rome: Julius Caesar, Octavian Augustus, And Marc Antony

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    Generally, when people hear “Ancient Rome”, the first names that pop into their heads are Julius Caesar, Octavian Augustus, and Marc Antony. The other Romans figures, both the good and the bad, are often forgotten, and abandoned, and treated less importantly than the three mentioned above. The rich history of the Roman Republic/Empire is often limited to several names, and other names are merely mentioned in passing. Roman emperor Caligula may not be one emperor whose life is studied in depth, and

  • How Did Claudius Build The Roman Empire

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    the construction of Roman roads and infrastructure that would secure their position within the region. With the development of the Principate, Augustus planned and began construction of many great works that were finished by Tiberius. While ancient sources suggest Tiberius constructed “no magnificent works”, as Claimed by Suetonius; modern sources are

  • The Preatorian Guard

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    men in the ancient world: The Emperors of Rome. Formally created in 23 BC by Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus the Praetorian Guard Served as Bodyguards for the Emperors, About nine cohorts of five hundred men each formed the early Praetorian Guard; they