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  • Existentialist Cafe Reflection

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    Journal 7: Chapter 4 Existentialist Café Discussion & Lecture on Freedom and Consciousness Heidegger emphasized that you can only project on where you stand. We can’t just get up and get started on something new immediately if we decide that our current situation is something that we don’t want anymore. An example would be me deciding if I should still pursue my Master’s degree, or just finding a new job so I can earn some money for stuff. Considering this, I initially pursued it because I felt

  • Personal Narrative: Tidus Blake Changed My Life

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    Like most other days, Tidus Blake and I were in quite the deadlock. We were supposed to be on our way to my family owned café, where we were expected to meet with my brother, Peter, and our friend Sommer. However, after running into one another, a greeting gone wrong with a few sarcastic remarks, there we were in an impasse underneath the crossroads of Aeris and Riker Street, just around the corner of Ridgecrest Town Square. Tidus and I had never been on good terms under any circumstances, only being

  • Saul Hudson

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    1996 but is coming to perform with them this year in El Paso. Velvet Revolver, was another band he played in. Hollywood Rose is another band he played guitar with, which also included Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin. But overall his first band was the Tidus Sloan band. Slash always uses Gibson Les Paul guitars of various colors, with very few exceptions, his first guitar was a 1970/80s Memphis Les Paul, he started moving on to funky looking guitars such as the 1978/79 B.C. Rich Mockingbird and the B

  • Mt. Vesuvius Narrative Essay

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    I swung my sword in an arc, my opponent barely parrying my sword. I was angry the crowd was laughing at me! I was, Tidus , a fearless gladiator of Pompeii and I will win this fight. I went for an upper thrust that almost took off his head! I was so close, I knew I couldn’t keep up this furious pace of attack for much longer, I had to end it. I thrusted my sword, and then 2 BIG booms deafened my ears and the crowd gasped. At the same time the ground shook and I fell to my knees, absolutely shocked