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  • What Is My Favorite Place Essay

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    Everyone has a place they go to when they need to be comforted or a place to feel safe. For some people it’s their school, house, park, or even a friend’s home. For me, my favorite place to go to is the Fine Arts Building. Every time I have ever found myself in a situation where I was greatly upset or felt unsafe I always ran to the fine arts building on UNK campus even if it meant driving half an hour. Music has always been a comforting thing and that’s what the fine arts building is all about.

  • Susan Botti, Jennifer Higdon, and Cindy McTee

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    This paper will discuss the works of Susan Botti, Jennifer Higdon and Cindy McTee, three women composers of the 21st Century, and how they influenced composition with their tonal structures, melodic inventions, unique compositional techniques, along with innovations in notation, and rhythmic intricacy. I will be analyzing Concerto for Orchestra by Higdon and Echo Tempo by Botti. Singer and composer, Susan Botti, studied music at a rather young age. Her musical training officially started when she

  • The Musical Exploration Of Isms

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    one of the major instruments in the Janissary classification, the Timpani. In addition, the Ottoman Expansionism throughout the 1600’s gave the Western world a large amount of exposure to the Turkish military band music and instruments. Countless militarily effective instruments were carried into Western armies, such as the Cavalry Kettledrums, or Timpani. Figure 1: Mounted Trumpeters and a Kettledrummer (Persian, 1237 CE) Timpani was the first incorporated percussion instrument in Western music

  • The Origins Of The Percussion Family

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    This is most likely the influence of the Crusades that would have brought Arabic culture, albeit in a violent way, to Europe. Timpani, as aforementioned, hold an intrinsically military tradition. Because of its use in the Turkish armies, the Europe borrowed the instrument in its armies. These influences can be seen in the earliest uses of timpani. The timpani that were taken from the Arabs were made into an essential element of prestige for the nobility. During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries

  • Analysis Of Sc�ne Aux Champs

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    of the young artist. After an “orchestral outburst, the idée fixe returns with the English horn again calling out, but there is no response from the oboe, instead, the “shepherd” is answered by the rumbling of thunder, musically illustrated by the timpani, which plays unusual minor chords. The first theme of the fourth movement is entitled March un supplice or “March to the Scaffold,” which Macdonald describes as “alternatively sinister and brazen.” This movement appears in rondo form. The first theme

  • Essay On Kidzone

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    New York Philharmonic Kidzone There are many educational software’s out there, but it can be difficult to find one that is user friendly, and teaches or reinforces information. Kidzone, after the initial downloading period, was quite user friendly. This website was developed by Symphony Works/Moon Road LLC, and is sponsored by New York Philharmonic with support from Beatrice Snyder Foundation. Kidzone organizes their website into 5 sections: game room, instrument storage room, dressing rooms, instrument

  • Music Class Under The Instruction And Supervision Of Mr. Gonzales

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    We learned several things in Music class under the instruction and supervision of Mr. Gonzales. We started in a timeline beginning at the very first instrument ever, the heart. The heart was the very first “beat” and clave was formed based on this “beat”. Clave is the foundation of almost every Latin song and most songs found around the world. Developed in Africa as one the earliest beats, clave was played on one of the first instruments, the Bongo drums. All drums are based after this drum which

  • Concert Report On Symphony Orchestra

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    Concert Report My daughter and I attend the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra’s November Masterworks symphony conducted by Stuart Malina on November 13, 2016 at The Forum. I never attended a symphony before, so I was nervous about what we should wear and if we could find are seat. I expected the audience to be in their best clothes. The men in tuxedos with top hats on and the women in lavishing gowns with pearl necklace. My experience sure enough prove me wrong in many ways than one. The symphony started

  • Analysis Of The Planets By Gustav Theodore Holst

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    Astrological traits of the planets but had no connections to mythology.     The first movement of the suite is Mars Bringer of War which refers to the God of War. This movement includes various instruments such as tubas, trumpets, trombones, horns, timpani, flutes, clarinets, violins, cellos, and snare drums. The movement was characterized by five beats and a minor scale which indicates the opposite of happy. There is no harmonic purpose in the Bringer of War piece, I would classify it as an inhuman

  • My Experience In The School Band

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    For the past three and a half years I have been in the school band. I've taken part in the concert band, marching band, and I even took jazz band. It all began when I set up my schedule for sixth grade. I knew I wanted to be in band for a very long time, but I had no idea what I should play. Just a few weeks before sixth grade, when it was time to build my schedule, I was still struggling with what I wanted to try. Finally just before we turned in the form, my mom suggested I attempt playing percussion