Tipper Gore

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  • America Censored: A Battle of Rights Essay

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    perfect to the point in which someone would not find something offensive about it. I mean itís really bad when Wal-mart decides that Eminemís cds are so controversial and vulgar that even the censored versions canít be sold there. What people like Tipper Gore donít seem to realize is that by banning the sale of his cds all they are doing is giving him more media attention and helping him sell more records. Itís a proven fact that a personís cd could be at the bottom of the charts but as soon as something

  • Essay about Should Adult Content Music Be Removed from the Shelves?

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    agree with his comments that the basis for the PMRC was a distraction from other issues that the Senate was attempting to sneak by an unsuspecting American public; furthermore, I believe this served as a means to further Al Gore’s political agenda. Tipper Gore resigning from the PMRC in 1992 after Al became vice-president proves just that. Additionally, I too believe that the Senate Committee hearings were an abuse of power, and also a major conflict of interest to head or preside as a member of any committee

  • Essay about Classification Of Restaurant Tippers

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    can justify giving a small tip because of the “lack of service”. The songbird of customers, voicing their opinion is what they do best. This is the cluster that is voted most likely to complain or compliment to management. THE I’M A SERVER TOO TIPPERS. Always understanding. Always able to relate. Always generous. Fellow servers almost tend to be dying to relate to other servers. Due to their inside knowledge of a server’s responsibilities they feel as though, at the minimum, they can ascertain

  • Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

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    Through its contrasting reality and dreamlike scenes, Oates’ “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” uses details from a true American horror story to convey a message about society, youth and a loss of innocence. Arizona native Charles Schmid murdered Alleen Rowe on May 31, 1964. Schmid was considered a serial killer and was subsequently arrested and convicted of the heinous crimes that he was accused of. The profile of Schmid as a short man who wore makeup, wigs and altered boots to make

  • Essay on Biography of Albert Arnold Gore

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    Biography of Albert Arnold Gore On March 31, 1948 Albert Arnold Gore Jr. was born in Washington D.C. He was born into a highly political family. Albert Gore Sr. was serving his fifth term in the U.S. House of Representatives, representing Tennessee's fourth Congressional District. His mother Pauline worked side by side with her husband in the office. Al was their second child. He had an older sister Nancy who was ten years older than him. Albert Gore Jr. lived two different

  • The Presidential Election of 2000

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    Americans are tired of Bill Clinton, have doubts about Vice President Al Gore and are ready for change. Republican turnout was down in 1998, which helps account for the party's poor showing in the off-year

  • Analysis Of Al Gore 's The Climate Emergency

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    on a speech made by Al Gore at Yale University in April 2004 to a room full of students. Al Gore is the former Vice President of the United States under President Bill Clinton. He is also an environmental rights activist. In the beginning of the speech the former vice president shares a story about his trip to a Shoneys Restaurant with his wife Tipper to draw the audience in. (300-301). Once he captures their attention he is able to focus them on his real message. Al Gore states that he believes

  • Violent Video Games

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    this. Well it's no secret that Older generations tend to disparage new things that youth like, such as video games. In the 50s comic books were blamed for corrupting youth back in the day. And By the 1980s, former Vice President Al Gore's wife Tipper Gore led a crusade against Twisted Sister's' Dee

  • Humor of South Park Essay

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    fun at monster stories, politics, and specifically Al Gore. Deeper down, however, this monster story can be read as a national allegory alluding to the dangers of global warming, the problems with the politics behind global warming, and the eventual doom we will all face if we do nothing

  • A Crisis Of Character By Jody Williams

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    his claim that individual contribution matters. Pollan states that the situation that first motivated him to write about his distress over the state of the environment came from a televised lecture made by American politician and environmentalist Al Gore, entitled An Inconvenient Truth. The documentary was intended to raise awareness about the dangers of global warming and encourage people to take appropriate action to successfully reverse climate change. Pollan recalls that the “really dark moment