To Go Home

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  • Personal Narrative : The Dream Story

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    relief because her legs could finally stop hurting her. After she fully sat down, she got her blanket out of her carry on bag and put it over her so she could fall asleep. A little while later, Alexa woke up and forgot she was on the plane and not at home. Her mom and dad were sitting next to her asleep also. Her mom and dad woke up a few hours after she did. 30 minutes later, the plane landed and they started to get off the plane. When they got their car back, they drove to their new house. When they

  • Letting Go of Home

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    East has a preoccupation with losing their home and the West is on a quest to recover it. However, the West can accept that the home they seek may not exist anymore and imagine a future without it whereas the East can see no acceptable alternative. We can see this when we compare Salman Rushdie’s At The Auction of the Ruby Slippers (ATARS) to his The Prophet’s Hair. The West is trying to reclaim the home they have lost and the East is trying to stop the home they have from slipping away. Both stories

  • It Hurts to Go Home

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    Don’t lead me home, please. I hate that house. You won’t know how greatly it hurts, always feels so empty… silence seems to be the only thing inhabiting the space. They are at all times not around, away and mostly disappear whenever I need them. The only thing they show support is topping up my bank account every month. That’s the way they care, I guess.” The wine effectively boosted up my talking mood. Miss Rina on the other hand, didn't interrupt, besides, she was all ears to every notion I expressed

  • Parasailing Short Story

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    ” While, we walking we found out the yellow raft is called a banana boat. Which was extremely ironic. We laugh for at least ten minutes. It was so hilarious. The banana boat was taking people to a bigger boat called the Captain.      I said, "Can we go parasailing or just ride the Banana Boat?"   As a man started walking up to us he said, "Hi, my name is Seth. I work for the Banana Boat and parasailing company. Are you guy interested in riding any of

  • Personal Narrative Story : A Short Story

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    “Baby, please don’t go without me,” Delia said, as I got ready for my day out on the streets of Cebu City, which was my first solo outing. “I’ll be okay, Princess, I know where I am going. We’ve caught enough Jeepneys (Tuk Tuks in other Asian countries. Like a tiny bus.) and taxis in the two weeks that I’ve been here to teach me how to handle the transport side. The language could be an issue, but some people here can speak English. Please don’t worry. What could possibly go wrong?” I replied.

  • Reasons To Go To A Foster Home

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    Have you ever thought about what would happen if your mom and dad died and all you had was your brothers? Would you stay or would you go? Pony-boy is a fourteen year old kid that is cool, not a heavy partier, and keeps good grades, but he smokes. He is a very good kid other than he smokes which was normal for a fourteen year old in the sixty's and seventy's.If you was the judge would you let him stay with his brothers who both has a job or move off with a foster mom and dad and not have any idea

  • China Should Be Allowed To Go To Home

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    Like i'm not allowed to go outside unless my mom or dad is home but if my sister is home then i'm also allowed to so that's one freedom I take for granite . I'm also not allowed to play video games on any of the

  • The Puzzle Of I Will Go Back Home

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    Since arriving and taking the hard decision to stay in USA, I have been dreaming and envisioning the moment I will go back home. This country with millions of miles of highways, crowded metropolises, sunny beaches, lush rainforests and endless possibilities has been a foundation for a new beginning. It wasn’t easy to preserver and succeed all alone in this new world. Falling in love, getting married and starting a family has been a blessing which gave me a purpose for all those countless days of

  • Why I Should Go Home Now

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    house. It came down to 10 minutes. Yet I still couldn’t find my kimono. Since I could not find it, I was forced to use my mother’s kimono. When I arrived, the lady just stared at me. I knew what she was about to say. “You’re late, I think you should go home now. Next time we see each other, to be on time." She’s said it about 5 times now. Hours passed and the sun was setting into the clouds. The wind started to pick up and it started to lightly rain. While I was getting ready for bed, I heard the doorbell

  • Richard Wilson 's ' Nigger Go Home '

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    black child could do that well on his own. Wilson would also often find notes on his desk reading "Nigger go home." At home, his family had to endure racial slurs in the mostly white Hazelwood area of Pittsburgh. 8.Accomplishments Wilson won a numerous amount of prestigious awards and made outstanding accomplishments throughout his career. He was the first African-American to have two plays running on Broadway at the same time and was one of only seven American playwrights to win two Pulitzer Prizes