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  • The Harmful Effects Of Smoking Tobacco

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    Harmful Effects of Smoking Tobacco My purpose for writing this paper is to educate the reader of the harms and effects done onto a person from smoking Tobacco and persuade anyone thinking about or attempting to smoke Tobacco to consider the following for your own benefit. I will cover most harmful effects Tobacco has on not only the person using it but also the people around them. I will also show both sides of the argument with both the pros and the cons of smoking Tobacco as well as provide an

  • Social Effects Of Tobacco Smoking

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    understanding, most tobacco companies are targeting young people as replacement smokers. They use different strategies that encourage teenagers and young adults to start or continue consuming their products (NIDA, 2012). Societal Norms Today’s societies have many norms that encourage adolescents to consume tobacco products. For instance, many states allowed their citizens the liberty to smoke freely. They have not implemented policies that would illegalize smoking in workplaces, bars, and restaurants

  • Should Smoking Tobacco Be Banned?

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    Topic: Smoking tobacco in cars General Purpose: To argue Specific Purpose: To argue that the state of Idaho should make smoking tobacco in cars while children are present illegal. Central Idea: Smoking tobacco in cars while children are inside the vehicle should be illegal in the state of Idaho because: (1) exposure to secondhand smoke is harmful to the health of children; (2) the intensity of exposure to second-hand smoke in vehicles is much more harmful; and (3) the child or children in the car

  • The Dangers Of Smoking Tobacco Smoking Essay

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    Youth tobacco smoking has been associated with so many factors. To start with social and physical environments have been associated with this because of the way the mass media shows tobacco smoking as a normal thing and this has promoted tobacco use among the youths. Parental smoking has also contributed because their parents are role models and they always follow their steps. Secondly there are some genetic and biological factors that contribute to this. This occurs where it is more difficult for

  • Smoking And Tobacco Abuse

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    Smoking and tobacco abuse is a global epidemic. There are numerous, diverse reasons why people smoke, though at the end of the day they all have the same problem: they are smokers. Smoke influences people the same way, no matter their reason for the use, though the reason why they smoke influences their decisions to stop. There are many different health models that explain how people can change their habits, such as the health behaviour model and the transtheoretical model of health. They impact

  • Tobacco : Causes And Effects Of Smoking

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    Center for Disease and Health Prevention, smoking tobacco is the leading cause of preventable diseases and deaths throughout the entire world. Smoking can take control over any person's life; It doesn’t matter what sex, race, age, or even education level someone has. Smoking tobacco does not just affect the smoker, but the people who may be around at that time. Even though smoking is major health risk, people all over the world have multiple reasons for smoking; stress, addiction, peer pressure, lack

  • Smoking Tobacco : The Causes And Effects Of Tobacco Use In America

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    Tobacco has been in use even before America existed. Tobacco was first discovered by the native people of Mesoamerica and South America and later introduced to Europe and the rest of the world. It has had several forms of use and has had an enormous range of social viewpoints throughout its existence. Even “doctors” suggested smoking cigarettes during the 1930s through 1950s. It was only after a long stretch of health concerns, bad habit forming, and proper public understanding did markets finally

  • The Effects Of Tobacco Smoking On The Australian Community

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    1.0 Introduction In Australia, tobacco smoking is one of the main leading causes of death and disability.1 Smoking is also one of the single major preventable conditions and is the main causes of disease burden in comparison to other major risk factors.1,2 Use of tobacco voluntarily or involuntary (passive smoking) has been associated with various chronic, life threatening and debilitating conditions such as heart disease, reduced lung function, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

  • The Dangers Of Smoking Tobacco

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    Executive Summary The dangers of smoking tobacco exceeds far beyond the individual using the tobacco product. Secondhand Smoke (SHS) is a dangerous byproduct of smoking that affects anyone who comes into contact with the smoke. Educating the community about the dangers and unintended consequences of being around cigarettes is a focus of this paper, as well as looking into the effectiveness of current smoke-free policies. There are businesses and cities that are becoming smoke-free, and they are

  • A History of Tobacco and Smoking in America

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    cigarette smoking is responsible for 500,000 premature deaths (Nugel), you do not want to be just another statistic, do you? America’s first cash crop was tobacco. That means that tobacco has been around for a really long time. It was not until 1865, though, that cigarettes were sold commercially. They were sold to soldiers at the end of the Civil War (Dowshen). From then, cigarettes spread like wildfire, and it was not until 1964 that anyone made a stand about the negative effects of tobacco and cigarettes