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  • A Brief Analysis Of Todesfuge By Paul Ceon

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    A Brief Analysis on Todesfuge by Celan Introduction Todesfuge is an important work by Paul Celan, who is a famous lyric poet in Contemporary German Literature. The poem embodies the artistic features of the poet’s early poetry, with rich rich artistic appeal, but also contains profound thoughts, therefore, it could be one of the masterpieces that is qualified as a representative for postwar German Literature. I The Historical Background When the Poem Came Into Being The poem was written by Celan

  • Literary Analysis Of Paul Kelan's Death Fugue By Paul Celan

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    “Death Fugue” a 1948 published poem written by Paul Celan, is one of the most prominent post World War II literary product that contributed to the illustration of the horrific and gruesome experience that the survivors of the Nazi concentration had lived through. By reading the poem, readers can sense the eventual fate and dismay building up in the text, observed in the proliferating disorientated tone in each line which ultimately comes together, creating a complete unified story at the very end