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  • Godzilla Reflection

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    The film names Godzilla is what we saw last week and the film began with the nuclear weapon exploded to the sea. Unfortunately, the boat names “Lucky Dragon” was near the place where nuclear explored and they were influenced by the nuclear weapon, the one of the people that are from the “Lucky Dragon” finally died after the six months. After the nuclear weapon exploded, the Godzilla was waked by the nuclear weapon and started to attack Japan. Like the William Tsutsui said in his book that “the original

  • Film Review Of The Movie 'The Castle Of Cagliostro'

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    The Castle of Cagliostro directed by Hayao Meyazaki. It was originally released back in 1979 in Japan, but was released in other countries in April 3, of 1991 in New York first. The featured song that the movie has is called “Fire treasure”. This film is a crime/fantasy, and it takes place in the city of Cagliostro which is outside of Monaco. Renowned international thief Lupin comes to the small European duchy of Cagliostro to investigate some excellently forged money and stumbles across a national

  • Kingdom Of Ghana Essay

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    Toho went back to what back then was, the Kingdom of Ghana. The Kingdom of Ghana lasted from 750 C.E. to 1076 C.E. Throughout this time Toho saw many different changes. As time began passing, Toho began to see how much the Kingdom of Ghana was changing. The location of the Ancient kingdom of Ghana was dated back to the fourth century but was never established as an empire until the Soninke people came. The Soninke called this empire Wagadugu. However, we now call it Ghana because the Arabs

  • The Early Esbls

    894 Words  | 4 Pages CTX-M β-lactamases Most of the early ESBLs were mainly ceftazidimases with little or no hydrolytic activity against cefotaxime. ESBLs often showed variable substrate preference with some enzymes hydrolyzing one cephalosporin type better than the others. The first enzyme with the capability of cefotaxime hydrolysis but unable to hydrolyze ceftazidime was reported from an E. coli strain isolated from a dog that was used as a model to study cephalosporin pharmacokinetics in Japan in 1986. It

  • Japanese cinema has definitely changed over the years. In the 1940s the country entered war,

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    true American soldier and how important it is to show our support. By the late 1942 nearly one-third of the features dealt directly with the war effort. This next Japanese film came out after the war .Seven Samurai[came out in 1954 by the company Toho and the director Akira Kurosawa The film takes place in 1587 in Japan. “It follows the story of a village of farmers that hire seven masterless samurai (ronin) to combat bandits who will return after the harvest to steal their crops.”(wiki 1)Many people

  • Urinary Tract Infection ( Uti ) Essay

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    Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a microbial infection of the kidneys, ureters, bladder or urethra. Urinary tract is the most common form of infection. Resistance to the extended-spectrum cephalosporins can occur in Klebsiella species due to production of the extended-spectrum ß-lactamases (ESBLs) that make hydrolysis of the oxyiminocephalosporins and monobactams. The aim of the present work was intended to be a prospective study of the plasmid features of Klebsiella isolates, obtained from hospitalized

  • Japan Is a Better Environment than the US for Inspiring Indpendent Creators

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    Companies seek to profit off the work of the individuals they employ. If you aren’t generating more value for the company than they pay you will likely not be working for that company much longer. They also hate taking risks and dealing with the unknown. Manga, like many forms of art, throughout the years was commercialized after it was shown to be capable of making money. Like all markets there was a void where companies viewed the risks to be too high, and eventually an independent group of

  • Sociocultural Theory And Second Language Learning

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    Sociocultural Theory and Second Language Learning “Language is the most pervasive and powerful cultural artefact that humans possess to mediate their connection to the world, to each other, and to themselves” [Lantolf & Thorne 2006:201]. The idea of mediation inherent in this notion of the language is a fundamental element of Sociocultural Theory [SCT], one of the most influential approach to learning and mental development since 1990s’, drawing on its origin from the work of soviet psychologist

  • Characteristics Of Torakku Yaro

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    6. Torakku Yaro (10 films, 1975-1979) Norifumi Suzuki and Bunta Sugawara have already become famous, particularly through the plethora of exploitation films they worked in. As the genre started to lose its appeal, major studios turned to romantic comedies with some elements of action. Torakku Yaro, with the first directing and the second starring, was one of the most successful. Sugawara plays Momojiro Hoshi, a truck driver who drives around Japan, along with his colleague Kinzo Matsushita. All ten

  • Economic Analysis of Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away

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    Anime or animation started in the early 20th century by Japanese filmmakers who experimented with animation techniques. Hayao Miyazaki, a director, animator, screenwriter, and illustrator of such animated films is the creator of Spirited Away. Spirited Away is a film about Chihiro, a young girl who upon moving to a new town becomes lost in the spirit world after her father takes a wrong turn on their way to their new house. Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited away illustrates not only the struggles Chihiro