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  • The Original Tonka Truck Manufacturer

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    Remember when most boys you knew played with some shape or form of the Tonka Truck. I am talking about the original Tonka Truck Manufacturer. With the end of WWII and the beginning of Christmas 1962 the business of converting or supporting the war effort to something more peace time related was underway. New companies were popping up across the country and three visionary, entrepreneurs seized on an opportunity and Mound Metalcraft Incorporated was formed on September 18, 1946 by Lynn Baker, Alvin

  • Change is Difficult, but Inevitable in Life Essay

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    Moving is a perfect example of how pain and change can equal gain. Although difficult to accept, sometimes embracing the odd variation can be rewarding. As a young boy, friends are made quickly, generally without any thought. A Tonka Truck rear-ends another Tonka Truck and within two minutes of sandbox hit and runs a new friend is made. The same cannot be said of High school. Those friends you made in elementary are still your friends when you first enter into high school. But slowly they drift

  • Mauling To The Death Of Pitbulls

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    another animal or anything else but something that enticed the pet dogs to become overexcited and react the way they did. Sergeant Mike Blackwood, from the Goochland County Sheriff’s office, hinted that it was likely the little bit of neglect that Tonka and Pac-Man felt which led to the grisly mauling to the death of Bethany Stephens. Living out in the cold Bethany was going through a

  • Pop Culture And Mass Advertising

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    In today’s society, “Mass production means mass marketing, and mass marketing means the creation of mass stereotypes” (Twitchell 182). Pop culture is growing bigger and bigger, and in order for this trend to continue, advertisements and marketing need to be existent. In James B. Twitchell’s What We Are to Advertisers, he explains how there are “consumption communities” and how advertisers not only need to brand their product, but also the consumers as they move from these communities. Twitchell’s

  • Descriptive Essay About My Dog

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    Finally, he stopped barking. For a long time, I did not know if he was ever going to stop barking. We were in the happiest house on the street that day, our house was almost dancing. One big memory I have with my dog was putting him in the back of my Tonka truck and driving him around for

  • Gender Roles And Family Conflict

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    vary from family to family, and for my family, they are a combination of many different types. For my childhood, I was raised nontraditional in the sense of masculinity and femininity. I had Barbies©, Tonka Trucks©, kitchen sets, and legos. I was never told that Barbies© were only for girls and that Tonka Truck© were only for guys. From traditional to nontraditional roles, I have been raised to be my own and unique individual. When I was younger, I was raised in a very nontraditional, gender role home

  • A Report On Hasbro's Revenues

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    Hasbro’s revenues come from their US and Canada, international, entertainment and licensing, and global business units. Their revenues are accumulated through sales of toys and games in addition to a variety of licensing rights for items like video games as well as other entertainment and cinematic products. A breakdown of revenues by segment for the years 2012 – 2014, obtained from their annual 10k, is presented for illustration below. U.S and Canada segment brings 47% of their total revenue.

  • Native American And Native Americans

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    Many years ago, Native Americans roamed North America. That was until the arrival of the whites lead by Columbus in 1492. The white Americans then began to take as much land as possible, contradict with the native’s customs and tried to take complete control of their lives. Native Americans didn’t believe in owning land- they believed that all of the land was everyone’s to share. So when the white Americans find out none of the land is owned, they take control of the land, and slowly push the Natives

  • Essay on Sociology 111 Quiz 1

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    entails three stages which are the ________, ________, and ________ stages. D. imitation, play, games Question 21 of 25 1.0 Points The Smiths are going Christmas shopping for their two children, Dick and Jane. They plan to buy Dick a Tonka truck and Jane a Barbie doll. Their selection of toys for their children is an example of ________ by parents. D. gender socialization Question 22 of 25 1.0 Points Traditionally, statuses men occupy (father, husband) are given greater

  • Essay On Essophagus Cancer

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    Esophagus cancer (EC) is the 8th most common cancer in the world1, which makes it a high mortality rate cancer. It is estimated that about 17,000 cancer cases will be diagnosed in the USA with 18% of patients having 5-years survival rate2. Adenocarcinoma variants of EC is more common in the USA due to obesity and acid reflux problems3. Moreover, 50% of EC patient develops metastatic EC, which is hard to treat4. To date, very few drug treatments seem to be effective only against locally advanced EC