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    Toongabbie Summary If you enjoy a great café culture, shopping, amazing parks, and good schools, Toongabbie is a suburb of Sydney that has all that and more. The fact that it’s close to everything by foot, car, bus, or train, make this suburb appealing to work commuters that work in Sydney’s CBD or Parramatta. All the main roads like the M2, M4 Great Western Highway, M7, Old Windsor Road, Cumberland Highway, and James Ruse Drive are easily accessible from Toongabbie. That makes this one of the few

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    Title Page A report based on the functional areas, business processes and information systems of NSW’s Holroyd City Council Student Name: Julie-Ann Khouri Contents Page Title Page 2 Contents Page 3 Executive Summary 5 1.0 Introduction 6 2.0 Organisation Description 7 2.1 Background Information 7 2.2 Goods and Services Offered 7 3.0 Functional Areas Description 8 3.1 Corporate & Financial Services 8 3.2 Library & Community Services 8 3.3 Engineering Services 9 3.4 Environmental

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    ED1009 Name: Tanya Arou Student ID:20132344 Item 1: Reflection 30% You are to carry out a set of three observations while on Professional Experience. You will need to submit the observation checklists along with the written reflections. (Total Words 1500) Reflection Questions - Part 1 Using the checklist notes that you wrote during your Professional experience; respond in a written statement of 500 words to the following questions about the school: people, places and processes. Reflect

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    Are your instructors fully licensed to teach? All our instructors at Mukhi Driving School are fully licensed Driving Instructors approved by the RMS. They are experienced and have knowledge of the local areas. Our Instructors not only prepare you for your practical driving test but place a keen emphasis on safe driving for life! Our aim is to get you to drive with confidence How many lessons do I need? It totally depends on your skills and learning abilities. We show you the safest and

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