Tooth bleaching

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  • Disadvantages Of Tooth Bleaching

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    “Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond.” » Miguel de Cervantes, that seems to be interesting . in nowadays, the dentist is very concern about tooth bleaching treatment process that helps a lot of patients make them feel better. There are many consumer bleaching products an available today for home use include such as toothpaste, gels, chewing gums. Current tooth bleaching materials are based primarily on hydrogen peroxide. which may change the inherent color of the teeth, but

  • Essay Teeth Bleaching

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    movie stars had blinding, white-teeth. Now, cosmetic dentistry has gone ordinary. Cosmetic dentistry has become a billion-dollar industry. As thousands of Americans sink their teeth into bleaching trays full of chemicals, consumers are left to wonder, Is this trend safe? The first successful method of bleaching discolored teeth was created by Dr. James Truman in 1864. This consists substantially of liberating chlorine form chlorinated lime by the addition of a weak solution of acetic, tartaric,

  • A Smile Makeover : The Impact Of A Smile Makeover

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    The Impact of a Smile Makeover Do you often feel exposed and self-conscious and uncomfortable around colleagues because of your teeth? Do you end up smiling with your lips pressed together firmly so you dont draw more attention to your mouth? Did you ever notice how your friend’s genuine and radiant smile seems to draw people to her? Studies have shown that people are influenced socially and emotionally by a beautiful smile and that 50% of people notice a persons smile first before the clothes or

  • Disadvantages Of Tooth Discoloration

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    Tooth discoloration is extrinsic or intrinsic i.e. may be restricted to the outer layer (enamel) or may involve the deeper layer (dentin) of the tooth. Various factors like genes, poor oral hygiene, smoking, consumption of food substances like tea, coffee, wine, cranberries, etc. and even aging are the common culprits behind the tooth discoloration. The stains on the teeth can also stain your life negatively. You may suffer from low self-esteem and self-rejection due to the failure in securing a

  • Causes And Disadvantages Of Tooth Discoloration

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    A recent survey has found that 80% of Americans aged eighteen to forty-nine want their teeth whiter (Lisa Vernon-Sparks 2010). According to the American Association of Orthodontists, they have found that 90% of their patients request tooth whitening (Mouth Healthy 2013). Many claim a brighter smile would help boost their self confidence and it is also a cost effective way to enhance teeth (Your Smile Becomes You). Teeth whitening has become an easy way to instantly improve appearance or first impression

  • Hydrogen Peroxide For Teeth Whitening

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    Title: Hydrogen Peroxide for Teeth Whitening, Hair and More Category: (SD) (Live) Tags: bleaching hair, lightening hair, whitening teeth, removing earwax, cleaning wounds Teaser: Use hydrogen peroxide to safely remove earwax. Article: When I was a teen, hydrogen peroxide was my go-to teeth-whitener, and something I would spray on my hair to get that “sun-kissed” look. Years later, you can still find a bottle in my medicine cabinet as an inexpensive way to whiten teeth, and disinfect cuts and scrapes

  • Childhood Memory

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    accident of my life. Him being nearly a year older he beat me home but shut the door in my face as soon as I reach home where I was running full speed right into the door head first. That day change my life in all the wrong ways because I chip one of my tooth and lost a one as well. I was mad at my brother for weeks even though I know he didn't mean to hurt me or wanted to damage my teeth because I understand that accident do happen. I forgave him for that incident but indue time I realize the way my teeth

  • Summary Of Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress

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    If Luo (the Narrator’s friend) can fix his tooth, he will not report the Narrator to the Security Office. The headman is both respected and feared yet in reality, he is quite vulnerable. This is proven during his tooth procedure performed by Luo. The Narrator’s reaction to the surgery reveals his desire to get revenge on the headman. The passage starts out with an in-depth description of the headman’s extracted tooth. The fragile state of his tooth is espied along with the diagnosis of other

  • Descriptive Essay About A Puppy

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    Running faster than the speed of light, a cute puppy came rushing toward me as we were playing in the backyard. With no intention of stopping, the biggest puppy I’ve ever seen in my life ran head first hitting the top of my mouth¬―chipping my tooth. The puppy’s name was Bruno. A big brown playful puppy with a line of white fur running from the middle of his eyes to the top of his nose on his face. I loved Bruno, but he was not the first pitbull puppy that I’ve had. When I was in Idyllwild on a family

  • Dentist Essay example

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    off. Nervously, I push the up button and patiently wait. The elevator door promptly opens and I am engulfed, the door closes, up I go. Once on the second floor, I exit the elevator and immediately I can smell the mixture of the wintergreen flavored tooth paste and the overwhelming aroma of bleach out in the hall, along with the sound of the teeth grinding drills which gives, no longer the feeling of the dentist office but of road construction