Tooth enamel

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  • The Effects Of Soda, Sports Drinks And Energy Drinks On The Enamel Of A Person's Teeth

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    beverages that contain added sugars and acid, but what effects does this sugar and acid have on our tooth enamel? Are sports drinks better for you than soda? This paper will discuss the effects of soda, sports drinks and energy drinks on the enamel of a person’s teeth, what is enamel and why is it important. Dental erosion is a chronic loss of dental hard tissue that is chemically etched away from the tooth surface by acid. Most people would believe that the sugar in drinks was the main reason for the

  • Human Tooth, Tooth Decay

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    human tooth , tooth decay [pic] Human tooth Teeth of humans are small, calcified, whitish structures found in the mouth that are used to break down food. The roots of teeth are embedded in the maxilla (upper jaw) or the mandible (lower jaw) and are covered by gums. Teeth are made of multiple tissues of varying density and hardness. Teeth are among the most distinctive (and long-lasting) features of mammal species. Humans, like other mammals, are diphyodont, meaning that

  • An Experiment On Tooth Decay

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    this experiment is on tooth decay. In order to prepare for the experiment, research was conducted for information about teeth, how teeth are similar to eggshells, how sugar affects the teeth, the amount of sugar in selected drinks, and the MOHS Scale. Tooth decay is the ruin of the outer surface (enamel) of the tooth. The enamel is the thin outer covering of the tooth. Responsible for the protection of the teeth, the enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body. Tooth erosion occurs when this

  • Essay about Root Surface Caries

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    Root Surface Caries Caries can affect any surface of the teeth. The most commonly seen caries are found on the crown of a tooth, above the cemento-enamel junction, it is also possible for caries to form on the root surface, below the cemento-enamel junction. Dental root caries has received a great deal of attention in the past few decades. A variety of different patients are at risk for root surface caries. Dentists use several methods of treatment. Root surface caries are also called cemental caries

  • The Staff Of Fox Family Dentistry

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    (Contact us) Contact Our Burke, VA, Dental Office Today The staff of Fox Family Dentistry is available to schedule your dental appointments or answer any of your questions. Our office is located at 5200 Lyngate Court in Burke, VA, and we also serve the communities of Springfield, Fairfax, and Annandale. You’ll find that we offer convenient morning and evening hours and even take appointments on Saturdays! We want to hear from you and take care of your dental needs. Call us today at 703-260-1677

  • Anorexia And Bulimia Nervosa Literature Review

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    INTRODUCTION The rise in eating disorders has captured the attention of both medical and dental professionals. A dental hygienist may be the first professional to detect an eating disorder due to the oral complications that are associated with the condition (Foster, 2017). Eating disorders are described as “a persistent disturbance of eating behavior or behavior intended to control weight, which significantly impairs physical health or psychosocial functioning” (Fairburn & Walsh, 2003). There are

  • Persuasive Essay On Dental Care

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    32 teeth in our mouth and they are indispensable. The tooth, in itself, consists of two parts: the root buried in the bone and the crown that is in the oral cavity. In addition, the cost of a quality brush is now quite low compared to the many benefits. Dental care can help in many cases: to restore a devitalized tooth, to cover and support a tooth that has a large filling when there is not much left healthy material, to protect a weakened tooth, to cover a dental implant it is fixed with cement or

  • Essay On Home Remedy Solutions For Natural Tooth Whitening

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    Home Remedy Solutions for Natural Tooth Whitening What if you can’t drop hundreds on professional teeth whitening? Here are some common home remedies that might help: Activated Charcoal Activated charcoal is an absorbing product used to trap toxins inside the body, it can help whiten your teeth by binding to things like tannins that stain teeth and leave them yellow or brown. To whiten your teeth naturally with charcoal, wet a toothbrush and dip into powdered activated charcoal. Brush teeth as normal

  • Why Fluoridation Has The Focal Point Of Debate

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    Since its introduction in the 1940s, fluoridation has been the focal point of debate. Fluoridation supporters say that the procedure is safe and beneficial for preventing tooth decay and diseases, especially in poor younger children. Fluoride is a mineral that happens actually in all sustenances and water supplies. The fluoride particle originates from the component fluorine. Fluorine, the thirteenth most bottomless component in the world 's covering, is never experienced in its free state in

  • Zero Soda

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    to teeth, enamel exactly, than regular sodas. Observations will be made over a span of eight days. The Reason why teeth are decayed by soda is because of the sugar combining with bacteria. The sugar of the soda combines with the bacteria in the mouth and forms an acid which attacks the teeth. However, Diet and Zero Sodas make the acid on their own and do not need the help of the bacteria. This acid, in turn, makes the enamel in the teeth weaker. Preventing the weakening of the enamel in the