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  • Ethnic Demonstrations Of Indonesi The Toraja

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    in Indonesia .One of them is the Toraja in South Sulawesi .The word Toraja originates from the bugis dialect to raja significance " meaning individuals of the uplands '(Klass et al,1999:45).This name occurred when the Dutch provincial government named them .In toraja there is still religion called aluk todolo this runs nearby muslim and Christianity .In this article I will inspect the torajan rituals and customs around myth, death and ancestor worship. Toraja is roughly 3,180 square kilometers

  • How Architecture Has Changed The Creation Of The Country As It Looks Today

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    modern masterpiece of International style of architecture in its time, regardless with its complication between Dr Edith Farnsworth and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe relationship. For the second house, I have chosen a vernacular architecture which is called Toraja Tongkonan, located in the northern part of the South Sulawesi Province, in one of the island of Indonesia. This megalithic Tongkonan architecture is the

  • A Snapshot Of The Village Life During Bronze Age Vietnam

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    Processions “accompanied by rhythmic sound of gongs” are also involved in moving a tau tau from one place to another. From these, similarities of the Toraja funeral ritual to the images on the Dongson drums are quite apparent. The images of houses on stilts with boat-shaped roofs seen on some Dongson drums are similar to the clan houses at Tana Toraja. A large number of livestock animals such as pigs, water buffalos, and goats are also depicted on the drums. As mentioned before, activities related

  • Negative Impact Of Tourism

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    pigs; the part that funeral visitors usually come to attend (ancient-origins,2017). Due to the unique and complex ceremonies, “Tana Toraja is now the second most popular destination for tourist in Indonesia after Bali” (ancient-origins, 2017). It is true that the increase in visitors has boost the local economy, however many loses have occurred in other areas. Toraja is a recent tourist development as President Suharto began in late 1960s, “to encourage the development of the Indonesian tourism industry”

  • Kelli Swazey 'Is Death An Illusion'

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    Death can be a sore topic to talk about. It is the end to all life, or so we believe. TED talk “Life that doesn’t end with death” and article “Is Death an Illusion” both support the fact that death is actually a misunderstanding. Kelli Swazey, speaker of the TED talk, supports the fact of an everlasting afterlife in the hearts of loved ones while Mark Lanza, author of the article, states scientific facts why death is an illusion. Robert Lanza’s believes that death is actually a misunderstanding

  • Examples Of Conjoint Analysis Of Coffee

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    RESULT AND DISCUSSION This section presents the results from the conjoint analysis e.i. part-worth estimates for the part-worth utilities of each attribute level and the relative importance of each attribute. Table 4. summarizes the relative importance of each attribute and the relative importance of each attribute. Overall, region of origin was the most important attribute in the entire sample (with an importance score of 35.61%), followed by price (34,48%), quality (15,6%), and form of coffee

  • Tourism and Indigenous People

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    BA (Hons) Tourism Marketing Year 3 1.0 AN INTRODUCTION According to the United Nations definition of indigenous people, they are “descendants of those who inhabited a country or a geographical region at the time when people of different cultures or ethnic origins arrived” (United Nations, 2011a). It is estimated that there are about 370 million indigenous people around the globe in over 70 different countries. They keep their own political, social, economic and cultural qualities and also their

  • Dreams And Beliefs About Dreams

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    Traveling has always been an expensive leisure, still it is craved so much that people from everywhere are willing to spend good money for just one enjoyable new experience. Unknowingly traveling is experienced in a different way almost every day and free of cost through dreaming. Dreams are like a fictional realm where one can get to role play their own life, with different rules and no limits. In formal words a dream is a series of images, emotions and sensations that happen, usually involuntarily

  • Why Is Villa Jendela Di Bali

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    Villa Jendela Di Bali are destined to be a “village of unique living spaces”. The physical presentation of Villa Jendela Di Bali definitely reflects the noble concept. Striving to live up to its name, the “Windows In Bali” offers bales which very much correspond to traditional Balinese and moreover to the richness of Indonesian-archipelago architectural heritage. Each bale, however, is respectively adjacent and wisely-slated in ways where numerous physical and mental exercises are made easier to

  • Case Study Of Maxx Coffee

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    Coffee. Maxx Coffee itself trying to relieves all of his customer’s thirst by delivering unrivaled quality coffee. Moreover, Maxx Coffee is collaborating with the coffee farmers from Aceh to Papua. Some of the coffee that they are using is Mandheling, Toraja, Flores, Kintamani, and Java. Not only stop until there, Maxx Coffee also uses the first class coffee machine to make coffee and supported with perfect brewing technique. In addition, Maxx Coffee has made its brews available in Medan, Menado, Kupang