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  • The Total Revenue And Total Cost

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    A. Profit Maximization a1. The total revenue (TR) to total cost (TC) approach relies on the fact that profit equals revenue minus that cost and focuses on maximizing the greatest difference between TR and TC. Total Revenue (TR): Is the income made from the sales of a given product. (McConnell., 2011) This total does not take include the cost of producing the product. To calculate the TR of a product, you must first multiply the sales price of the widget by the quantity sold. • TR = Sales

  • Total Variable Costs

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    predict costs and manage them on a day-to-day basis, managers must identify: A. cost of resources used B. key activities and resources used to perform activities C. cost drivers D. all of the above 2. Cost drivers are ________. A. measures of activities that require the use of resources and thereby cause costs B. different types of functional areas in the firm C. different types of cost calculations D. the different functions in the value chain 3. Which of the following statements about costs is FALSE

  • Economic: Total Cost

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    Microeconomics Spring 2010 1. Your cousin Vinnie owns a painting company with fixed costs of $200 and the schedule for variable costs as below. What is the efficient scale of the painting company? Quantity of Houses Painted per Month | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | Variable Costs | $10 | $20 | $40 | $80 | $160 | $320 | $640 | 2. Your aunt is thinking about opening a hardware store. She estimates that it would cost $500,000 per year to rent the location and buy the stock. In addition, she would

  • The Total Cost Of Ownership

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    Total Cost of Ownership (TCO, or total ownership cost TOC), is a concept that is progressively used in business worldwide. The principle of the concept is that the full costs of a conclusion should be assessed, rather than concentrating on the original purchase price of software and hardware, for instance. The Total Cost of Ownership term is somewhat new but the methodology is comparable to concepts of life cycle costs and other valid economic principles for appropriately evaluating business decisions

  • Total Ownership Costs

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    Total ownership costs Introduction Total ownership cost is a financial estimate whose function is to assist customers as well as organization managers to determine both direct and indirect costs of a system or product (Contract management. 2006). Total ownership costs, as a management accounting concept it is applicable in the full cost accounting. In addition, it is applicable in ecological economics where in includes social costs among other costs. When it comes to manufacturing, total ownership

  • Total Cost Of The Project Costs

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    Sample: A.Section 1 Total Cost of the Project Source of Revenue Amount Salary/Wages $300.00 Administrative project costs (i.e. mailing, photocopying, fax, etc.) $100.00 Equipment rental (audio/visual) $400.00 Rental of meeting rooms $175.00 Rental of sound system $225.00 Translation $225.00 Food $150.00 Non-alcoholic beverages $50.00 Total Planned Expenditures (1) $1600.00 B. Section 2 Anticipated Revenue Sources of Revenue Amount Government of Canada Support (other than VAC) - Canadian Heritage

  • Total Cost Minimization : The Cost Of Money

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    Total Cost Minimization There are many problems in the world today, ranging from war and fighting, to disease and starvation. However, one of the biggest issues in today’s day in age is money. People either have too much money or not enough of it. Money is something that everybody needs to survive in order to support themselves as well as their families. In order to maintain a decent amount of money, people are always thinking of ways to save money and reduce the amount of money spent on a day to

  • The Concept Of Total Cost Of Ownership Or Tco

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    Introduction: The concept of total cost of ownership or TCO (Cavinato 1991, 1992), life cycle costing (Jackson and Ostrom 1980), product life cycle costs (Shields and Young 1991), and total cost of (Ellram and Siferd 1993) are all related. There is no unique definition of TCO, since the meaning of TCO is dependent on individual and function of organization (Ellram, 1994). TCO concept suggests that supply managers adopt a long-term perspective, rather than short-term, for accurate evaluation of buying

  • Total Fixed Costs

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    typical production cost of one water bottle unit is $20. Total fixed costs for my company including rent and utilities are $4000 per month. Given these numbers a linear cost function for my product can be constructed; C(x) = 20x + 4000. In this equation x represents water bottles produced each month at a price of $20 along with $4000 of total fixed costs. An estimated total cost per month can then be determined of $120,000 looking at what the company can afford. Using the cost function C(x), we can

  • The Cost Concept Of Tvc Total Variable Cost

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    the cost concept of TVC total variable cost shows a company the total cost of all the variables with in the company; variables such as materials, production labor and others. The total variable cost depends on the quantity the more the company produces the greater the total variable cost will be. This information is important to a company because if the price of production be greater that the price set the company might decide to produce noting avoiding variable cost The cost concept TFC total fixed