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    in politics — and its ability to put pressure on politicians to align with their demands. This is clear because it was only the president that courted the maraboutic elites and had a platform that suited rural and maraboutic interests, who was able to be successful. Mouridism and its integration into civil society Mourides have a strong commitment to integrating Islam into the fabric of civil society. Mouride leaders often intervene in civil conflict and regularly put legalism aside, favoring an

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    In 1990, heavy numbers of West African Muslims were leaving their business and attending the Jumah, which is the weekly prayers that happens every Friday at Masjid Malcolm Shabazza. By their obligation about spiring up attendance could change into better economic rewards. Masjid leadership started to display signs in French leading where to pay their charity weekly. Because masjad Malcolm Shabazz was built out of the Black nationalist passion of the Nation of Islam, Imams during the Friday khutba

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    A LOW POWER BIST TPG FOR HIGH FAULT COVERAGE AND HIGH EFFICIENCY Mayank Chakraverty, Ritaban Chakravarty, Vinay Babu, and Kinshuk Gupta Mayank Chakraverty is with the Semiconductor Research & Development Center, IBM, Bangalore, India (e-mail: Ritaban Chakravarty was with New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ, USA (e-mail: Vinay Babu is with Invntree, Bangalore, India (e-mail: Kinshuk Gupta is with the Indian Space Research Organization

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    Introduction: The Republic of Senegal is a small country on the tip of West Africa that has long been a beacon of hope for Sub-Saharan Africa. Formerly a colony of France, this French-speaking nation is one of the few countries in Africa to never have a coup d’état or establish an authoritarian government. It is internationally recognized for its Islamic traditions, diverse ethnic groups, fishing, dancing, baobab trees, and hospitality referred to as “la Teranga.” With the population 90% Muslim

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