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  • The Challenges Of Tour Guides In The Tourism And Hospitality Industry

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    serve clients but in fact, there is actually a vast difference between the roles of a tour guide, travel tour manager and travel agency manager. According to Sokanu (2017), tour guides are individuals who work in the travel industry, giving guided tours to groups of visitors and typically the residents of the region in which they give tours. Tour guides have the ability to transform the tourists’ visits from a tour to a life-long experience through the delivery of knowledge and interpretations of the

  • Ca Lion Marketing Strategy

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    before summer, forasmuch people will think about us first whenever they design to travel in the summer time. To market our new program to current customers as the best trip without the tour guide. We are planning to promote this program to people until the end of the summer. CA Lion will provide a guide in different tour spots but the customer can drive by themselves to enjoy the road trip. The next objective

  • What Is The Adventure Of Adventure

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    The adventure will start with a 30 minutes walk from town proper up to the cave entrance. Our group are welcome by hanging coffins found at the entrance of Lumiang Cave. I have an idea that this is going to be tough but what I did was beyond my expectation. Before we start, we are brief on how to stay safe inside the cave: sit and crawl if necessary. If you feel like falling, be alert and ensure the safety of your head. We need to climb, go up and down the rope but whatever happen we need to hold

  • Should Touring The Canon City Prisons? Essay

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    While touring the Canon City Prisons, I already knew the basis of my thesis and so paid special attention to the recreational programs within the prisons and the inmates that were involved. The research that I gathered outside of my tour also added to the insight on if these programs were effective as well as more information on what I wasn’t able to observe. Sports and Rehabilitation In both the minimum and medium security level prisons, there was a designated outside rec area with exercise

  • The Vamos: A Narrative Fiction

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    passed, with each night becoming easier than the last. On the seventh day of our tour, we were officially at the halfway point. That same night, we rolled out our sleeping mats and set up our bug nets as normal, but something felt different. I considered myself to be pretty in tune with my surroundings, and I had a pit in my gut that told me something was not quite right. The day had been strange. Normally, the tour guides were bubbly and chatty, excited to explain all the Amazon has to offer. However

  • The Privilege Of Attending The Bush House Museum

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    trying to locate the Bush House Museum. We finally arrived at 1:20 and graciously waited for the tour guide to come to the door after we rang the bell. She came out and we explained to her that we lost our way in trying to find the house. We told her we intended to come for the 1pm tour. Thankfully, we did not have to wait for the 2pm tour and she took us right in. After, we finished the guided tour, she said we did not even need to come back and prove to her that we bought tickets, she said we simply

  • Sample Terms & Conditions - Travel Company

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    Descriptions given in relation to an adventure Tour are descriptions of what normally exists at a given destination or Tour venue. Further, the availability of any facilities or amenities and/or the supply of any Tour may be affected by for example, but without limitation local conditions, such as inclement weather or transportation difficulties. Accordingly we do not give any warranty (whether express or implied) or make any representation that: 6.2.1 a Tour will be suitable or meet any particular requirement

  • Description Of The Botanical Boat Trip

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    man shivering in his Virginia Tech hoodie and shorts asked us, “How 's it going? I will be your tour guide. My name is Michael, and my shipmate is Terry. We ask that you sit in the back to keep the motor under the waves.” The business-focused pilot got right to his station in the pilot 's chair. My sister accompanied me, and soon our last shipmate of the day arrived. Only three of us attended the boat tour that day. The threat of rain seemed to frighten off other guests leaving the park empty and peaceful

  • Descriptive Essay On A Hot Day

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    BRRRRINGGGGGG!!! The alarm stopped right away because my hand smacked it quiet.  I took a glance over at the other bed and saw my aunt must have gone to the top deck to get coffee.  Lazily, I got out of the twin size bed, and walked a foot over to where our bathroom was.  It took more time to squeeze into the bathroom, but you get used to it.  When I came out, I walked out of the room and knock knock,  my parents door opened.  “When are we going to eat breakfast?” I questioned to my mom.  “In about

  • Humorous Journeys

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    saw coming out of the tour with a look of distress on their face. At this point I begin to grow scared of what might I see in their that will change me. After a few minutes of fidgeting with my hands the tour begins and at that same time my stomach drops. We enter by starting out with a walk up stair that went about four stories up in the building. This walk gave me a little more time to prepare for what is about to come. After the long walk we finally start the tour. I am hoping that this