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  • Bicycle Thieves : A Neorealist Movie Response

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    traditional narrative structures of film. Throughout the film, one can see various scenes where there are buses and trolleys, although the film is focused on relocating a stolen bicycle, which would save Antonio’s job. Antonio, the main character in the film, needs a bike to maintain his job. The buses and trolleys represent desperation in the film. Firstly, desperation along with the trolleys and buses in Bicycle Thieves are associated because there is desperation to find jobs. At the start of the film

  • The Trolley Dilemma By Philippa Foot

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    The trolley dilemma was first created by Philippa Foot "The Problem of Abortion and the Doctrine of the Double Effect" in 1967 as a thought experiment on ethics, it then evolutionized into what we know today. Making us question human morality, write books annually and hold worldwide presentations. I will explain the trolley dilemma and how Mill’s Theory of Utility is the best way to approach this problem, helping us attain the answer with the best moral outcome. The question

  • What If Daniel Sokol Summary

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    and letting them die. The experiments are to test their theories of what someone would do in real life situations. They used four different experiments to equal a large group. The scenarios in this section are about violinist perhaps dying, runaway trolley cars, and being stuck in a cave. The author explains their purpose by testing experiments to test their theories of thought about different scenarios

  • Accidental Tourist Essay

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    Muriel Pritchett vs. Sarah Leary: Macon’s Choice      Compared to other novels that deal with love affairs and romances, The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler is different because it takes the reader on a trip through the character’s minds. Macon Leary’s wife separates herself from him. Their problems begin with the death of their son, Ethan Leary. That is not to say that they agree on raising him, because they didn’t. “When Ethan was born, he only brought out more of their

  • The Trolley Problem

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    The complexity of the Trolley problem is one that can be resolved by unravelling the concept itself and considering the multipe possible analogies, the use of which is very important in the understanding and answering of ethical questions such as the Trolley problem . The trolley problem mainly deals with the law in relation in to morality, how public policy dictates or influences legality. Finding the most ethical solution to the problem is what is required of those who dare undertaking solving

  • Vacation Rentals Or Hotels

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    Vacation rentals or hotels, that is the question. When choosing the most suitable accommodation for your trip, there are a few factors that come into play. For example, how much are you willing to spend for a night? After all, the money that doesn’t go into accommodation, goes into meals or shopping. To help you deal with this struggle, we have compiled a checklist to guide your choice in deciding the perfect accommodation for your trip. Undecided between vacation rentals or hotels? Read on to

  • What does Utilitarianism Has to do with a Surgeon

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    The guiding principle, being utilitarianism, is to act in the way which will always produce the maximum overall amount of goodness in the world. The basic purpose of morality is making the world a much better place to live in (Hinman, 2014). Morality is also about producing some good consequences and not having any kind of good intension. It also states that we should be doing whatever brings the maximum benefit (intrinsic value) to the entire humanity. Case: rule

  • Comparison's The Trolley Problem By Judith Jarvis Thomson

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    The article, “The Trolley Problem”, written by Judith Jarvis Thomson, poses an intense ethical argument. Within the reading, she addresses two of Philippa Foot’s imaginary situations. The first involves a trolley with faulty brakes, and if the driver should flip the switch to kill five people or just one person. The second is a similar situation; should a doctor let five patients die or operate on one patient to take his organs without consent? I will argue that it is not morally permissible to turn

  • Is Abortion Morally Permissible?

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    In Judith Jarvis Thomson’s philosophy paper, A Defense of Abortion, she argues that abortion is permissible because an individual’s right over their own body outweighs a fetus’s right to life. In this paper I will focus on whether or not abortion is always permissible. First, I will present Thomson’s argument which says that abortion is sometimes permissible. I will do so by describing her “famous violinist” thought experiment. Next, I will object to Thomson’s claim and expand the scope of her argument

  • Infinite Jest

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    subject should always sacrifice the life of one to save as many as possible. Utilitarianism, despite its seemingly logical appeal, is not psychologically natural for most individuals. One study found that those who make utilitarian decisions in the trolley experiment tend to have decreased sense of responsibility, higher than average levels of testosterone, increased levels of anger, and low levels of serotonin (Duke). Those with high cognitive ability are more likely to be utilitarians, but the mindset