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  • Critical Analysis Of Train By Train

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    This story is taken place at a train station. Generally, this setting would represent a relaxing scene as it is a travelling moment within a journey. However, there is an intense feeling between the man and the girl, as seen from their conversations in the story. In addition, the girl is hesitant about the “operation,” which also adds to the intense feeling of the story. The function of this setting is to describe life as a journey, where hopping onto another train is equivalent to making a new decision

  • The History Of Train Conducting

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    Many people think train conducting is not important. Train conducting gets us our goods by taking them to the train yard so semis can pick the up and take them to stores. Train conductors also help us travel by driving the trains. Train conducting sounds like a fun job because you get to travel to a lot of places. History of Train Conducting Train conducting began by being a transportation system for people in the 1830’s. In North Carolina conductors had been steamboat captions. This career evolved

  • The Train Station

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    By the time I get under the cover of the train station, I could only imagine that my burger and fries are now drenched and mushy. I decide against eating the soggy food and throw it in the rubbish bin just before the steps of the tube. I jump onto the steps and make my way to the top of the stairs on the landing. I hurriedly push myself through the oversized double doors. The train station is nothing like how I left it. It is now in complete chaos. Directly in front of the doors there are flashing

  • The Train Ride : A Short Story : The Train Ride

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    The Train Ride The moving train makes a loud squeaking noise on the rails. No one is really on this train, but the speaker on the intercom is still just a small voice. So Brenda decided to take a nap to pass the time.“Next stop, Bridge Wood Hills” says the conductor talking into the mic joyfully. “Can't wait to get home to my family!” Says Brenda to herself. It will be two days till they arrive in Bridge Wood Hills. But Brenda had a weird feeling. She had a feeling that something bad

  • Narrative Essay On Riding The Train

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    commuting by train. Trying not to get mauled by the rush hour crowd or sitting sleepily on a bench, wishing I didn’t have to get up so early, is routine I don’t give much thought to, other than as complaint fodder. As long as I’m concerned, I just have to get somewhere—and it’s not necessarily a peaceful ride. Because I never rode the LRT-1, I assumed it would be the same as my usual commute. However, for once, I decided to pay attention to the little details. I rode the LRT-1 train on a rainy day

  • Toy Train Tracks

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    As the purpose of train travel improved over the century, so did the material used for train tracks. The main material used in tracks is steel, and this is crack resistance to allow smooth and continuous travel during long journeys. Similarly, toy train tracks are designed in a similar fashion, but composed of different material such as wood or plastic. Plastic railroad tracks do not always possess the endurability to allow trains to function continuously. However, toy train tracks are a fundamental

  • America Needs Freight Trains Essay

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    debate suggests that discounting the environmental and social costs has been and will continue to be a serious mistake. Trains have many advantages over trucks for transporting materials across our nation. Some of these benefits are intuitive while others are much less obvious. And given the evidence that follows, we must consider seriously the current move to displace freight trains in favor of trucks. First, there are monetary costs that must be fully appreciated. Costs, seemingly simple considerations

  • Essay On A Trip To The Train

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    They had arrived in time thanks to the carriages and leaving when they did. As they walk deeper into the train station with their luggage being carried behind, the thick fog and fumes starts to grow with intensity. (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --) Yusuke had never been to a station like this before. It was stationed underground with tall poles keeping the place intact and long red stripes run across the roof, the cement floor and walls were wellkept and cleaned, but there was some graffiti

  • The Great Train Robbery, And The Great Train Robbery

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    times were times of legends, cowboys, train robberies, and valiant acts of courage. There are many different things you could discuss when talking about the Western era and I wanted to discuss the train robberies by comparing a film and a piece of artwork. Although both The Great Train Robbery by Edwin S Porter and “Wilcox Train Robbery” by Andy Thomas convey how the west was a place where you did what you had to do to survive.Edwin S Porter emphasizes the train robbery and how people would go to any

  • Film Analysis : Closely Watched Trains

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    Closely Watched Trains was directed by Jiří Menzel in Czechoslovakia in 1966. Telling the story of a boy who obtains a job at the local railroad stop as a station guard, the movie shows the experience of Milos as he explores sexuality and growing up.The film shows Milos before he gains his “manhood” as weak, unintelligent, and isolated from the other men. Using techniques such as cross cutting and low angles, the director is able to show how after losing his virginity, Milos’ is no longer foolish